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Cadets Assist Emergency Management Team in Training

Missouri Military Academy cadets are presented with a number of opportunities to serve their community, but on April 5, they contributed in a different way.

27 cadets, many of them members of the MMA Dramateers, were active “victim” participants in the MU School of Medicine Mass Casualty Simulation at the Macon, Mo. Expo Center.

Members of the disaster response team respond to Clayton Workman ’12, who was trapped under debris.   

The cadets, under the guidance of CPT Jonathan Griffin, MMA Dramateers Sponsor, and Mrs. Amy Griffin, MMA Dramateers co-sponsor, spent over three hours in a live action simulation of a disaster.  Cadets portrayed victims whose injuries were as minor as shock and as serious as life threatening wounds.  Some cadets experienced make-up for the first time as well.

PHOTOS:  Click here for more photos from the MU disaster simulation

“It was a great experience for the Dramateers,” Griffin said.  “They were able to see how first responders and other caregivers are trained.  Plus, it gave [the cadets] the chance to gain experience and further enhance their own acting abilities.  We are glad we were able to get that experience and do some community service as well.”

First responders, fire department volunteers, and other emergency management teams from mid-Missouri took part in the simulation.  They were trained in all facets of disaster response, including triage, medical treatment, and conveying information to the public.

Railsplitters Hear Experiences of Medal of Honor Recipient

Missouri Military Academy’s Railsplitters visited Columbia, Mo. this week to hear from an American soldier recently awarded the Medal of Honor.  Salvatore Giunta, a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, spoke for about an hour and a half in Jesse Hall Auditorium on the campus of the University of Missouri.  The Railsplitters and the rest of the crowd heard Giunta’s story and learned about his service in the military, and what that experience means to him.

The cadets also had the chance to meet Giunta after the presentation.  President Barack Obama awarded Giunta the Medal of Honor in 2010 after he saved the life of a fellow platoon member after a 2007 attack by insurgents in Afghanistan.

Cadets Learn More About Naval Opportunities

MMA hosted a presentation this week to educate cadets about a potential future with one branch of the armed forces.  Representatives from the University of Missouri’s Navy ROTC met with cadets interested in a future with the Navy, and provided them with information about how to learn more about college programs the Navy offers .  Director of College Placement LTC Tim Scherrer says about 20 cadets attended the session.

Captain Mike Vizacarra and several other officers from MU’s Navy ROTC talk with the cadets in the library.