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Sophomores Post Impressive PLAN Results

Missouri Military Academy’s College Placement office has released cadet scores on the PLAN exam taken in January, with several cadets receiving very positive results.

The PLAN test is offered to high school sophomores (and some freshmen) as a sort of practice for the ACT exam taken during their junior and senior year.  The scores also give an indication of where the student’s test-taking skills before taking the ACT.

The highest sophomore score was posted by Kane Anderson ’15, who ended up in the 99th percentile of test takers.  This means that Anderson scored better than 99% of students who took the test.  Freshman cadet Nishan Khanal ’16 finished in the 98th percentile and Wade Lueckenotte ’15 tested better than 92% of PLAN students.

Anderson’s best performance came on the English and Math sections of the test, scoring in the 98th percentile.  Khanal led the way in Math among cadets, scoring in the 99th percentile.

Anderson’s test-taking skills are not limited to the PLAN exam.  He also posted the best score on the PSAT for the Class of 2015 in October.  In addition to placing higher than 99% of students who took the PLAN, his overall score on the PSAT was better than 89 percent of students who took the test.  Anderson also posted a very impressive score on the Writing portion of that exam, scoring in the 99th percentile of students who completed that section.

Other notable performances include Guangning Wei ’15, who scored in the 96th percentile of math students, and Sergio Salas ’15 testing in the 97th percentile for the reading section.

College T-Shirt Day!

Each year, Missouri Military Academy senior cadets are given the opportunity to wear something other than their uniform for a day.

Toward the end of the year, after acceptances and scholarships have been finalized, seniors wear with pride a t-shirt representing the college or university to which they are headed in the fall.  Faculty members also wear a shirt in honor of their alma mater.

The Class of 2012 has been offered over $2.1 million in scholarships this year, thanks to their hard work and the assistance of the College Placement Office.

In addition to achieving the third-highest scholarship total in the history of MMA, the seniors fulfilled an important requirement here at MMA – a 100% college acceptance rate.  All 48 seniors were accepted into a college or university.

Examples of the schools the cadets will be attending include:

United States Air Force Academy, University of Missouri, Iowa State University, University of Oklahoma, Boston University, The Citadel, DePaul University, University of Washington, Truman State University, and many others.