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Recognition Given to January Soldier’s Bar Recipients

The Commandant’s office issued Special Order #36 at Sunday’s Missouri Military Academy Battalion Review announcing the winners of the January Soldier’s Bar.  Here is the text:

“For outstanding military courtesy, neatness, bearing and attitude, as well as performance of duty, the following cadets are awarded the Soldier’s Bar:  Jose Bours ’14, Vincent Burke ’15, Francisco Del Rio ’13, Tyler Grogan ’13, David Gu ’16, Javier Ibanez ’14, Ivan Quiroz ’14, Gabriel Rodriguez ’14, Paolo Rosado ’14, Jon Snyder ’16, Eduardo Valenzo ’13, and Rodrigo Vilches ’15.”

Missouri Military Academy

Assistant Commandant MAJ Brian Galarza presented the Soldier’s Bar awards at Sunday’s Battalion Review. The Soldier’s Bar is given to those cadets who have a clear disciplinary record for the month and have been recommended for the award by their company’s mentor.

Canteen Returns to MMA Campus After 18 Months

A longtime staple of cadet life at Missouri Military Academy will make its return to campus after Thanksgiving furlough.

After an 18 month hiatus, the Canteen will now be located in the old Quartermaster below the Cadet Clinic.  The Canteen was out of commission during that time as crews constructed the new Stribling Hall.  For over 100 years, the popular hangout spot could be found in the basement of the old administration building.  However, school officials decided the Quartermaster would be placed below the new Stribling Hall and the new Canteen would take its place below the clinic.

A number of members of the MMA community have contributed to the efforts to bring the Canteen back.  Maintenance Director Greg Morton managed the project, adding that a few unique pieces were part of the room’s construction.

“We had quite a few physical elements in our archives that we wanted to put in the new Canteen,” Morton said.  “We wanted to incorporate those elements as flashback to the old times at MMA.”

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Canteen below the Cadet Clinic.

Some of the elements Morton described include the doors to the old gymnasium, which was located on the spot where Delta Company sits now.  The doors now serve as the anchors for shelving that holds old MMA trophies and awards.  Crews also constructed a bar out of the bleachers from that gymnasium.  Mr. McGeorge’s wife, Joy, has also been perusing the MMA archives recently and collecting photos to be blown up and hung on the walls of the Canteen.

The space also features four flat screen televisions and a media room where cadets can kick back and play video games or listen to music.

Cadets will be able to enjoy some time at the Canteen during their general leave times and also on weekends.  School officials expect it to be completed soon after the Thanksgiving holiday and hope to open its doors to cadets in December.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to our cadets celebrating October birthdays!

Front row (L to R):  Michael Hilt ’18Yanni Le ’19Austin Bouche ’15

Second row (L to R):  Roberto Piza ’13Andres Garcia ’13Diego Salinas ’13

Third row (L to R):  Khas-Ochir Sod-Erdene ’13, Rodrigo Vilches ’15Tajae Blue ’17, Daniel Perez ’17, Nischan Khanal ’16,  Jason Russell ’16, Charlie Norman ’18

Fourth row (L to R):  Julien Mugabo ’17 , Marlon Loquay ’17Kurtis Mennemeier ’13Jorge Aduna ’17Jose Carrillo ’14Patricio Herrera ’13, Hang Zhang ’15, Alan Loquay ’16

Back row (L to R):  Daniel Garcia ’14, John Mertens ’13