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Three Cadets Named to State Music Festival Lineup

The results are in from last week’s District Music Festival at Mexico High School and three Missouri Military Academy cadets will compete for a state title in their specialty.  Chad Cardott ’14, Daniel Diaz ’13, and John O’Leary ’13 are slated to perform for a title at the University of Missouri April 25.

Cardott will compete in the trombone competition, Diaz in the clarinet competition, and O’Leary will be offering his piano performance for the judges’ consideration.  All three received the highest rating, ‘1’ (superior), for their performances in the district festival.  Those competitors with superior ratings move on to the state contest.

Missouri Military Academy Music

Pictured (L to R): MAJ Mike Shoemaker, O’Leary, Diaz, Cardott, CPT Josh Yancey

“All of our cadets put in an extraordinary amount of extra time honing their skills to perfect their respective solos and ensembles,” Band Director CPT Josh Yancey said.  “[MAJ Shoemaker] and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Additional cadets were recognized for their performance in the district competition.  Six cadets, and MMA’s brass quintet, received ‘2’ ratings (excellent).  Two others, and the saxophone quartet, were awarded ‘3’ (good) ratings.

Missouri Military Academy Music

Front row (L to R, category/rating): Shoemaker, Jacob Phillips (vocal, 2), O’Leary (piano, 1), Dallas Lopez (vocal, 3), Cody Olson (brass quintet, 2), Rick Massey-Scott (vocal, 2), Jacob Conyers (saxophone quarter, 3), Yun Il Jeon (tenor sax, 2), Gavin Hendee (trombone, 2), Yancey. Second row (L to R): Blake Bibles (saxophone quarter, 3), Daniel Diaz (clarinet, 1), Kotaro Kasamatsu (vocal, 2), Chad Cardott (trombone, 1), John Dillon (brass quintet, 2), Tony Vaughan (brass quintet, 2), Austin Teague (tuba, 2)

In Their Own Words: Railsplitters at Camp Clark

Missouri Military Academy’s World War II re-enactment group, the Railsplitters, traveled to rural western Missouri for a weekend re-enactment of the Battle of the Bulge.  LTC Tim Scherrer, Railsplitters coordinator, provided an account of the weekend’s events from both an MMA and a World War II soldier’s perspective.  Click the link in the story to see more photos from the weekend.

“The Railsplitters Living History Company participated in the 2013 Battle of the Bulge recreation at Camp Clark near Nevada, MO.  The event was held January 18-20 and had near perfect weather for January, although it is odd not having snow on the ground for a Battle of the Bulge recreation.

Overall the company fielded 29 troops, including two rifle squads, a scout/sniper section, and a support element.  We had 13 MMA cadets and two Mexico High School JROTC cadets.  One squad was lead by Illinois State Army ROTC Cadet Art Avery and the second, MMA alumnus Kyle Hughes ’12.  Kyle is transferring to Marion Military Institute this summer and attending Army ROTC leader training camp, so he is pursuing a commissions as an officer too.  Also attending was former MMA student Jordan Uthe.

Missouri Military Academy Railsplitters

The company did four missions.  The first was a movement to contact although the enemy had already occupied the crossroads so it became a hasty attack.  We were able to push the Germans off the objective quickly by using high ground with Art’s one squad and Kyle led a terrific flanking movement that pinned the Germans against a barrier.  The second mission we defended a town and hilltop.  We were destined to lose by the scoring system, but the company gave a good accounting of itself.  Tyler Grogan ’13 as the designated marksman was able to barricade the road leading into our position through sniper fire.  The third mission was to recover a downed parachute of supplies.  The victor got a box of Hershey bars.  We found the parachute in 17 minutes, much to the dismay of the umpires who gave the mission 90 minutes.  The final missions was an attack on a bridge in which Kyle’s squad gained some key high ground which dominated the bridge, causing resistance to collapse quickly.  By the end of the day, we had humped about 8 miles and were glad to be off our feet.

PHOTOS:  More action from Camp Clark

On Saturday night we had a visit by “‘Splitterclaus.”  The Battle of the Bulge was fought during Christmas 1944.  I had 84th vet Allen Howerton state he had a similar visit on Thanksgiving of 1944 from a Santa who brought him his Thanksgiving meal in Germany.  We also watched two period films, Buck Privates and This is the Army.  We all believe that the star of This is Army, Reagan, will never amount to much of anything but a B film actor.

Overall I was very proud of the cadets, and the company overall.  We performed very well in the field and did many things that re-enacting units never do, like serve hot chow in the field.  They set the standard and we received many compliments on the Railsplitters’ performance and authenticity.  The only complaint I received was they weren’t very quick to take hits and die in the field…and I am OK with that.

A big thanks to MAJ Mike Shoemaker and Paul Petit, Sr. for being such a help on the trip.  Cadet Hugh Harris ’15 took all the pictures and did a great job with them.


Echo Company Takes Honor Company Lead with Opening Games Victory

Blake Gorman ’13, Eagle Reporter

Here at Missouri Military Academy in the beginning of each year there is a Company Competition called the “Opening Games.” Companies compete against each other in various events and also enjoy a battalion barbeque that the MMA staff helps set up and run.

Cadets enjoyed barbecued hamburgers and bratwurst at the opening of school picnic.

After cadets finished their meals, the 124th Corps of Cadets formed in the bleachers of Colonels Field for the introduction of the Opening Games.

The first event was the Enthusiasm Company Competition. In this event, cadets in each company yell out their company name to express their enthusiasm and pride for their company. LTC Greg Seibert declared Echo Company the winner of this event after hearing the most cheers from them.

Echo Company Commander Diego Salinas leads his men in the company enthusiasm competition.  

After the Enthusiasm Competition, cadets took on the first physical event, the sack races. In this competition, a team of cadets hopped to across the field in a sack, to a cone, and back to the starting line. Echo Company also proved victorious in the sack races.

A favorite event of the Corps, Tug-of-War was next on the schedule. Companies squared off against all the others trying to find their way to the first place podium.  Echo continued their winnings ways and showed their strength in its victory.

In the Dizzy Bat Relay, the cadets’ objective was to stand a baseball bat on the ground and spin around ten times with their head on the bat. A team of cadets would then run from cone to cone, one at a time, and whenever they reached the second cone they had to spin around again. Bravo Company pulled through for their first win with the use of speed and balance.

The next event was the Cross Country Skis. This event built up a lot of frustration and it really tested the cadets’ perseverance and patience. A lot of companies kept on falling over on their skis, requiring them to start over, but the Echo Company’s perseverance gained them yet another victory.

Dillion Dawson ’14 and his Delta Company crew navigate Colonels Field in the Cross Country Skis event.

 To wrap up the Opening Games, the Corps had the last event of the day: the singing of the Old MMA motto.  Choir director MAJ Mike Shoemaker judged the singing competition.

“The enthusiasm was excellent, but the singing quality needed a great deal of improvement,” he said. “But Charlie Company was the best of the bunch.”

Despite two Bravo wins, Echo Company nearly swept the competition and took their place as winners of the 2012-2013 Opening Games. The result also meant Echo gained an early lead on the march toward becoming Honor Company.

“Our enthusiasm and desire to have fun led us to victory,” said Cadet Jack Solls ’14 of his company’s efforts.  The Corps additionally participates in two Cadet Challenge competitions during the school year.