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Cadet Leadership for 2013-2014 Year Announced

2013-2014 BC Rodriguez
At the annual Designation Ceremony the new cadet leadership was announced for the 2013-2014 academic year.  These cadets are the student leaders of the corps of cadets.  The new Battalion Commander, Cadet 2LT Roel Eduardo Rodriguez will oversee all conduct and activities of the corps.  He will also ensure each of the other student leaders perform their individual duties and responsibilities.  This is Battalion Commander Cadet 2LT Rodriguez’ second year at the Academy and he is currently the platoon sergeant of Echo Company.  He has been a member of both the Soccer team as well as the Raiders.  The entire corps congratulates Cadet 2LT Rodriguez on his promotion.
Group 2013-2014 Cadet Leaders
Other Cadet Leaders are as follows:

Battalion Executive Officer:  Cadet SFC Parker Bridge

Battalion S1:  SSG Nicholas Mabbs

Battalion S2:  SSG Jesus Herrera

Battalion S3:  SSG Jack Solls

Battalion S4:  SSG Daniel Garcia

Battalion S5:  SSG Dylan Dawson

Command Sergeant Major:  SSG Jacob Priester

Bravo Company Commander:  SFC Tyler Vaughan

Charlie Company Commander:  SFC Emilio Cueto

Delta Company Commander:  SFC Brandon Darnall

Echo Company Commander:  SFC Jose Bours

Band Company Commander:  SFC Chadwick Cardott