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Commencement 2016

3_nguyenderekTHURSDAY, MAY 26:

Commencement Weekend kicked off on Thursday, May 26 with the 84th annual Wallace Fry Public Speaking Contest, which is held in honor of W. Wallace Fry, Jr. of the MMA class of 1903.

Three middle school students and four high school students vied for the top prize. The contest began with seventh grade speaker Tamar Modise whose speech was entitled, Do You Care? Homelessness in the USA. Modise was followed by eighth grader Derek Nguyen, whose speech was entitled, Society’s Codependence with the Environment.

“New technology has changed the interaction of people with the environment,” said Nguyen, who urged audience members to consider the impact that pollution and industry have on the planet. “We discovered atoms. … But at the same time, those atoms were used for nuclear warfare.”

The final middle school speaker was eighth grader Nehemiah Simmons, whose speech was entitled, The Irrelevance of the Constitution. Simmons argued that too few American citizens are aware of the inner workings of the U.S. government and the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

6_simmons“With the prudent use of our individual votes, we … can ensure that we are a government of the people, by the people and for the people,” Simmons concluded.

The first high school speaker was sophomore Francisco Fletes whose speech was entitled, Depression: The Silent Murderer. He began his address with a hypothetical scenario, asking the audience to imagine themselves in a large crowd of people.

“Not one of them seems to notice you. You are waving your arms. You are screaming out. You are begging to be noticed. No one even bats an eye,” Fletes said. “This is how many adolescents suffering from depression really feel.”

The sophomore spoke of the teen suicide rate, which has decreased since 1986 but has recently begun to spike, and urged his fellow students to reach out to friends who seem distant or troubled.

15_fletesUp next was senior Kyle Mertens, whose speech was entitled, Rewards as a Detriment to Competition. Mertens, who argued that awards such as Employee of the Month are detrimental to worker performance and morale, competed in the speech contest for the second consecutive year.

“When one is comparing themselves to others, it’s very difficult for them to move forward,” he said. “Not everyone can win.”

Juniors Hector Villanueva (The True Cost of Contact Sports) and Michael Wetzel (The Ultimate Honor) spoke next, followed by a short intermission allowing the trio of judges to deliberate. Returning judge Lou Leonatti, J.D. of Leonatti & Baker PC was joined by Dr. Kurt Jefferson of Westminster College and Patrick Morgan, J.D. of the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office.

Simmons received The Joy McGeorge Middle School Oratory Award, which is presented to the middle school cadet whose speech is judged to be the best on the basis of charismatic and knowledgeable oratory skill.

Fletes received The W. Wallace Fry Cup for Excellence in Speaking, which is presented to the cadet whose speech is judged to be the best on the basis of delivery, content and depth of thought.

bruce -- by FosterFRIDAY, MAY 27: MS FINAL ASSEMBLY

Commencement continued on Friday, May 27 with the Company Competitive Drill. Each company completed a prescribed set of maneuvers on the drill field and were judged by JROTC and Commandant’s Office staffers. Echo Company was declared the winner for the second consecutive year.

Following the Competitive Drill, sixth to eighth grade cadets and their families gathered in the Memorial Chapel for the Middle School Final Assembly. After a short greeting by Associate Dean for the Middle School Edsel Baker, Commandant of Cadets LTC Greg Seibert took the stage to present barracks and military awards.

Best Squad Leader Award: Nehemiah Simmons

Piper Barracks Award, given to the cadet receiving the fewest checks during the school year: Michael Naughton

G. David Bailey Discipline Trophy, for the cadet with the fewest disciplinary reports for the entire year: Kevyn Bruce

AT2 Jorge Soriano ’89 next presented the Major George T. Piper Award for Outstanding Middle School Athlete to Jordan Hornick.

Up next was LTC Willis Kleinsorge, who presented Spring Family Weekend Science Fair awards, followed by the presentation of academic honors.

Academic Fourragere, Marking Period V: Dongyang Chen, Jordan Hornick, Scout Jones, Michael Naughton. Academic Fourragere, Marking Period IV: Enrique Acevedo, Dongyang Chen, Nicholas Gonzalez, Jordan Hornick, Scout Jones, Michael Naughton, Santiago Sanchez, Nehemiah Simmons. Academic Fourragere, Marking Period VI: Enrique Acevedo, Dongyang Chen, Nicolas Gonzalez, Jordan Hornick, Thomas Huckins, Scout Jones, Michael Naughton, Derek Nguyen, Santiago Sanchez, Nehemiah Simmons. (To earn Academic Fourragere, cadets must earn a 3.7 grade point average for the marking period.)

Delta Phi Honor Sociey, middle school members: Dongyang Chen, Jordan Hornick, Scout Jones, Michael Naughton, Santiago Sanchez, Nehemiah Simmons.

acevedo_simmons_gonzalezn_naughton_hornick -- by FosterScholarship Medal, given for an average GPA of 3.7 or higher during fall 2015: Dongyang Chen, Jordan Hornick, Scout Jones, Michael Naughton, Nehemiah Simmons.

Scholarship Medal, given for an average GPA of 3.7 or higher during spring 2016: Dongyang Chen, Jordan Hornick, Scout Jones, Michael Naughton.

AT2 Jorge Soriano ’89 and Baker next took the stage to present the final batch of middle school honors and conduct the eighth grade promotion ceremony. Diplomas were awarded to 23 students.

Derrill S. Kuhlman Award, for extraordinary achievement in math and science; and Highest Scholarship in the Sixth Grade: Scout Jones

Highest Scholarship in the Seventh Grade: Santiago Sanchez
Highest Scholarship in the Eighth Grade: Dongyang Chen & Michael Naughton
Richard White Improvement Plaque: Dongyang Chen
Judy A. Twells Middle School Drama Award: Alain Mestre

Faculty Plaque, awarded to an eight grade cadet who has shown the most leadership, cooperation and loyalty; and the Rotary Club Service Above Self Award, given to the cadet who, in the opinion of the faculty and staff, has been the most reliable helper during the school year: Michael Naughton

Paul Petit Award for International Relations, given to eighth grader(s) who have helped improve international relations in the middle school: Enrique Acevedo & Derek Nguyen

rodriguezc -- by FosterHal Heyman Memorial Award, for the eighth grader who, in the opinion of the faculty, possesses those characteristics that distinguish an All American Boy; and the Col. Jerome G. Harris Plaque, awarded to the most soldierly middle school cadet: Nehemiah Simmons

Petit Fellowship Cup, awarded to a cadet exhibiting the best fellowship for the year: Kevyn Bruce

Rotary “Leaders of Tomorrow” Award and $100 stipend:
Michael Naughton & Nehemiah Simmons

LT Governor Joe Maxwell Community Service Award, given to the middle schooler who contributed the highest number of community service hours: Oscar Lopez Benavides, 182.5 hours

President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Dongyang Chen, Michael Naughton & Nehemiah Simmons. (Given to eighth grade students who: earn a GPA of 3.5 or more for two or more consecutive years; and score in the 85th percentile in reading or math.)

President’s Award for Educational Achievement: Jordan Hornick


As middle school students and their families gathered in the Memorial Chapel, freshman through senior students and their families attended the High School Final Assembly. Accompanied by the MMA Band, the Corps of Cadets marched into the Centennial Gymtorium and recited the National Anthem before taking their seats

Academy President Charles McGeorge welcomed the crowd and spoke briefly about his favorite poem — Invictus — which a high school teacher shared with him during a tough time in his life.

The first batch of awards were presented by Academic Dean Dr. Frank Giuseffi.

fitzgerald_conyers_duing_lomasfreddie -- byECDavid Whitney ’54 Conservation Plaque, given for interest in and appreciation of conservation: Joseph Mulvey

Senator John C. Danforth Plaque for outstanding knowledge and appreciation of constitutional government: Maverick Jones

William F. Enright, Jr. ’37 Memorial Award for proficiency in business and computer studies: John Curley

Major William Bryan Essay Medal for excellence in writing: Alexander Seibert
Senator Thomas F. Eagleton Plaque for Excellence in Senior English: Connor Cunningham
Senator Thomas F. Eagleton Plaque for Excellence in Junior English: Sean Fitzgerald
Eugene Lamm Memorial Award for the most improved ESL student: Haozhang Li

Sylvia Mansfield Memorial Award and $200 stipend for ESL student(s) who have demonstrated great improvement in English: Yuqi Jin & Tamir Nyamdavaa

Next up was bandmaster WO2 Andrew “Freddie” Lomas with music awards.

welchjulia -- byECLTC E.R. Jackson Music Award for distinguished service to the music program: Robert Moore

COL Paul F. Cherches Memorial Award for the Most Valuable Band Member: Ethan Eisenmann

Streep Brothers Band Awards for loyalty, active participation, punctuality and good performance: sophomore Mitchell Duing, junior Sean Fitzgerald, senior Jacob Conyers

Following a performance of Like an Eagle by the Cadet Chorus, CPT Carl Estenik and SFC John Biddle took the stage to present military awards.

Master Sergeant Billy Crawford Memorial Award for Military Courtesy: Robert Van Huss
Military Policeman of the Year: Victor Armando Leon
Scottish Rite Free Mason Leadership Award: Ethan Istas
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War JROTC Award for patriotism: Sean Hannagan
Daedalian JROTC Medal: Connor Cunningham
National Sojourners Award for encouragement and demonstration of Americanism: Sean Fitzgerald
Fusilier of the Year: Carlos Liriano
Daughters of the American Revolution History Medal for essay writing: Gabriel Elizondo
Raider of the Year: Kian Moriarty
Special Forces Association Medal for an Outstanding Raider: Jason Russell

choir_shoemaker2 -- byECDaughters of the American Revolution Award for outstanding ability and achievement: Oscar Cortada

Military Order of the World Wars Award for improvement in military and academic studies: Cody Allen

Military Officers Association of America Medal recognizing exceptional potential for military leadership: Ethan Eisenmann

gasteluma -- byECVeterans of Foreign Wars JROTC Award for excellence; and ROTC Distinguished Service Award for contributions to ROTC: Alfonso Leon

U.S. Daughters of 1812 Award for academic excellence, leadership and discipline: Turbold Tumurkhuu

Guests from multiple organizations also presented military and leadership awards.

Sons of the American Revolution medal for leadership and military bearing: Ngonga Mugabo
(Presented by Sons of the American Revolution representative Albert “Buff” Chance ’71)

Military Order of Purple Heart National Leadership Medal: Orlando Farias
(Presented by SSG Ralph Skelly, WWII veteran and recipient of The Purple Heart)

U.S. Army Recruiting Command Award for an outstanding scholar-athlete: Jesus Gracia
U.S. Army Recruiting Command Award in recognition of outstanding achievement
and contributions to the JROTC program:
Miguel Gonzalez
(Presented by SGT Nathaniel Herndon, U.S. Army National Guard Recruiting representative)

American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence, upperclassman: Russell Holman
American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence, underclassman: Aaron Thompson
American Legion Award for Military Excellence: Enkhbilegt Luvsandorj
(Presented by LTC John Buckwalter, American Legion Zone I-Vice Commander)

The following athletic awards were presented by Athletic Director MAJ Kevin Farley.

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award: Alejandro Gastelum
Joe D. Bailey Award for Most Dedicated Varsity Athlete: Robert Shields
Outstanding MMA Athlete: Sean Fitzgerald

giuseffi -- byECThe following discipline and leadership awards were presented by Commandant of Cadets LTC Greg Seibert.

Class of 1968 Freshman Leadership Award: Richard Choy

Meritas Plaque for Excellence in Discipline: Victor Arturo Leon, Julien Mugabo, Nyamkhuu Chinguun, Eduardo Gonzalez, Thomas Dean, Jose Elizondo, Turbold Tumurkhuu, Mitchell Duing, Yinzhou Wang, Gabriel Vallejo.

istas_albertsen_gonzalezem_choy -- byECRichard Hall Memorial Award for an Underclassman Who Best Exemplifies the True Gentleman: Gabriel Elizondo

Residential Faculty of the Year Award, given to the mentor who has made an impact on the lives of the cadets in their company: LT Zoe Alsbury

Following a performance of Benedictus by the MMA Band, Academy President Charles McGeorge presented a number of behavioral awards.

AMSCUS Medal for integrity, scholarship, leadership and service: Oscar Cortada
Steve Walker Memorial Award for an Outstanding First-Year Cadet: Jared Violette
Jack Meyers ’39, Memorial Cup for Most Creative Cadet: Naranmandakh Ayulgui
Otto Ferguson Aviation Award is given to the first cadet in the corps to fly solo: Mauro Garza

McGeorge also recognized staffers for their years of service to the Academy.

Five years: Edsel Baker, CPT Murrell Adams, Deanna Blair, Chad Herron, Julia Welch.
Fifteen years: David Cross, MAJ Ananta Khanal.
Twenty years: Melody Daly, MAJ Peggy Reynard.
Thirty years: LTC Willis Kleinsorge.


Following the Baccalaureate ceremony in the Memorial Chapel, seniors and their families headed to the Centennial Gymtorium for the 33rd annual Senior Banquet.

One by one, each senior stepped through an arch of sabers for the final time, then descended the stage and was formally inducted into the MMA Alumni Association. Each senior’s name, college choice and photograph were projected as he crossed the stage.

conyersToasts were led by five-year cadet and Senior Class President Yunil Jeon.

“Every single lesson we have learned from this school,” Jeon said, “will help us to make the correct decisions when we are out in the real world, when we are struggling.”

Connor Cunningham then delivered the Class Chronicle, which featured photographs of each member of the Class of 2016.

moorer3“No matter how long we have known each other, we are brothers for the rest of our lives,” Cunningham said.

Alumni Association President Jeffrey R. Kays ’84 next took the podium and spoke of the “shared heritage” of every MMA graduate. According to Kays, a nine-year cadet who served as Battalion Adjutant his senior year, not becoming involved sooner in the MMA Alumni Association was a big mistake.

“If we had never met before but we somehow met in passing, say at an airport or a football game, we would immediately have a bond,” Kays said. “Even though I am 33 years older than you and we are may be from different continents, we would immediately know something about each other because we shared some of the same experiences.”

carter1The following awards were presented during the Senior Banquet.

Richard Cooper ’82 Plaque for the senior with the longest unbroken tenure as a cadet: David Lazcano, 5 years

American Veterans Medal for Military Excellence: Russell Holman

American Veterans Medal for Leadership: Thomas Dean. (Presented by American Veterans of Missouri representative SGT Carol Thompson and CPT Carl Estenik.)

Alumni Plaque for the Senior Voted Most Likely to Succeed: Matheus Alexandre
William S. Lowe Trophy: Eduardo Gonzalez
COL Jerome G. Harris Cup for Soldierly Qualities: Rene Padilla

IMG_1741COL Veon McConnell Korean Trophy for a cadet officer who performs his duty with diligence: Alfonso Leon

Dr. Gregory “Doc” McDonald Award, given to the cadet who demonstrates the MMA Honor Code and values: Damdinbazar Sumiyabazar

Class of 1984 Unhearalded Leader Award, given to a senior cadet who is not an officer, but is respected by his classmates and is considered an instrumental part of pulling the class together: William Carter

The banquet concluded with the singing of Old MMA led by Cadet Chorus member Eduardo Gonzalez and a benediction led by Class Vice President Jose Estrada.


Senior students gathered on the parade field for the final time on the morning of May 28. During this special Battalion Review, Battalion Commander for the 2015-16 school year Mohammad Emran Babak ’16 presented incoming BC cadet Gregory Prinster ’17 with the Davison Saber. As the ceremony ended, cadets seniors marched toward the Centennial Gymtorium with their families following suit.

24_group_tumurkhuu_dean_leona_leea_snyder_byECThe 2016 Commencement ceremony began as faculty members and seniors performed their traditional march into the Centennial Gymtorium to the tune of Marche Militaire. Leading the procession was LTC Willis Kleinsorge with the Class of 2015 Mace. After the posting of the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance, Academy President Charles McGeorge took the stage to welcome attendees.

The following awards were presented by Associate Dean for the Middle School Edsel Baker and Academic Dean Dr. Frank Giuseffi.

Stribling Cup for Highest Efficiency in the Middle School: Nehemiah Simmons
Sen. Christopher S. Bond Award for Outstanding Middle School Underclassman: Nicolas Gonzalez
Plaque for Highest Scholarship in the Freshman Class: Angel Alcaraz
Plaque for Highest Scholarship in the Sophomore Class: Gabriel Vallejo
Plaque for Highest Scholarship in the Junior Class: Gregory Prinster

babak2Following performances of You Raise me Up and the Battle Hymn of the Republic by the Cadet Chorus, McGeorge took the stage to present two staff awards.

Abbott-Albright Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded to the outstanding teacher for the academic year: Cheryl Morris

Heimos Trophy for a faculty or staff member voted by fellow faculty members to have done the most for the boys during the year: MAJ Mike Pemberton

gonzaleze_ayulguiSalutatorian and Class President Yunil Jeon next presented McGeorge with a $1,550 check from the senior class, which will purchase a Marine Corps bench for the memorial wall.

Up next were the discipline and highly-coveted company competition awards, which were presented by McGeorge.

Robert H. Weaver Memorial Award:
Dr. Russell Holman & Mrs. Laura Holman
(Given to those who best exemplify unconditional effort on behalf of the Academy and Corps of Cadets; work towards the goals established by the Parents & Alumni Committee; and display unceasing drive and commitment throughout the year to better life at the Academy.)

Fritsch Plaque and stipend for the eleventh grade cadet who exemplifies honor, good discipline, academic excellence and service: Alejandro Gastelum

holmanDorsey Anderson Class of 1895 Cup for the Cadet Exerting the Most Gentlemanly Example: Russell Holman

Red Ireland ’41 Trophy for a Fighting Heart, for the cadet who displays loyalty and courage: Donald Williams

Mustang Scholars Foundation Plaque, awarded to the cadet who promotes multiculturalism in the Corps: Matheus Alexandre

M-Club Award, Highest Disciplinary Standing & Highest Scholastic Standing: Band Company
Highest Athletic Standing & Highest Military Standing: Bravo Company
Company Spirit Award: Delta Company
Honor Company: Charlie Company

Don Hooton Class of 1919 Fellowship Cup, awarded to the cadet voted by the Corps to be the Senior Most Valuable to the Institution: Enkhbilegt Luvsandorj

Outstanding Performance by a Company Commander Plaque: Eduardo Gonzalez
Charles I. “Stony” Wall Class of 1922 Cup: Eduardo Gonzalez
neimeyer(The second-highest leadership award given to an MMA cadet. Awarded to a cadet who displays the traits of character, leadership, scholarship and service upon which the Academy was founded.)

Cadets Charles Eckardt and Emran Babak next took the stage to receive their Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Medals, which were the first gold awards presented in the state of Missouri. For more information about their Adventurous Journey, click here. Babak next received the Legion of Honor, the highest award which can be given to an MMA cadet, which is awarded to an outstanding cadet who demonstrates industry, integrity, leadership and loyalty to MMA.

After receiving the Dr. James C. Olson Award for the Highest Scholarship in the Class of 2016, valedictorian Nishan Khanal took the stage to present his remarks. He was followed by commencement speaker Dr. Charles P. Neimeyer, Director of Marine Corps History and the Gray Research Center at Marine Corps University.

After a performance of The 1812 Overture by the MMA Band, seniors received their diplomas and walked across the stage, pausing to pose for a photographs. The ceremony concluded with the singing of Old MMA and the retiring of the colors.


The 127th Corps of Cadets marched from the Gymtorium to the front lawn, forming up for the final moments of their time as cadets at MMA. Family members and friends crowded the roped-off grass, snapping photos as seniors marched to the edge of Teardrop Lake. Upon command by Battalion Commander Emran Babak ’16, graduating seniors plunged their sabers into the grass, placed their hats upon their hilts, and saluted as the sound of Taps (led by bugler Mitchell Duing) echoed across the silent grounds.

As the final note faded, emotional seniors embraced one another for several minutes, tearfully hugging their brothers. The crowd of family members, faculty and friends soon flooded the grounds. A period of tearful goodbyes and hugs followed, as those with early flights home broke off and departed campus.

In Memoriam: Mackie Johnston ’55

1955_JohnstonThe Missouri Military Academy community is mourning the loss of alumnus and former Alumni Association president Mackie Johnston ’55, who served as the 1955 Battalion Commander and graduated a highly decorated cadet. He passed away Wednesday, August 19, 2015, at the LaBelle Manor Care Center in LaBelle, Missouri.


Johnston was an outstanding cadet and a loyal alumnus. His cadet achievements included, but were not limited to, the Legion of Honor, Hooten Fellowship Cup, the Charles I. Wall Cup for service, Meritas Plaque for discipline, best athlete and the Red Ireland “Fighting Heart” trophy. He also served as captain of the baseball team and president of Delta Phi, the Academy’s academic honor society.


A welcomed presence at Homecoming each year, Johnston’s fellowship and brotherhood extended beyond his classmates to all alumni, faculty, staff and cadets. He was well-liked and admired by all who knew him.


Funeral Services will be at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, August 22, 2015, at the Doss Funeral Home in Edina, Missouri.

Visitation will be after 2:00 p.m. Friday, August 21, 2015, with the family greeting friends from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the funeral home. Burial will be in the Newark Cemetery, in Newark, Missouri.


An expression of sympathy in memory of Mackie Johnston may be left to the Newark Cemetery Association. A memorial may be left at or mailed to the Doss Funeral Home 208 N. 4th Street, Edina, Missouri 63537.


He is survived by his wife, Evelyn Johnston of Newark, Missouri; a daughter, Lori Lee and her husband Chris Walker of Shawnee, Kansas; a sister, Connie B. and her husband Jerry Davis of Petersburg, Illinois; several nieces and nephews and a host of friends, he never met a stranger.

MMA Art Department Raising Funds for Permanent Art Gallery

image of the Epple Gallery MMA art teacher LT Chris Bain and the Advancement office have launched an initiative to construct the Academy’s first permanent art gallery, located in Barnard Hall. The purpose of the exhibit is to display students’ works of art on a rotating basis and to present themed exhibits that will serve as teaching tools on the subjects of art and humanities.

With a goal to raise $3,500, Bain is planning to install lighting and materials on the second floor of Barnard Hall, near the art room. The wall space in that area is

currently unused. He hopes to name the gallery consistent with the annual art show named in memory of the late Kathryn Epple and plans to call it the Epple Art Gallery.

“The Epple Memorial Art Show has been an annual tradition at Missouri Military Academy, but art education isn’t a once-a-year event,” says LT Bain. “We’d like to showcase our students’ artwork year-round and make the most of our educational space.”

Funds will also be used to reinvest in and expand the annual Kathryn Epple Memorial Art Show held during the spring Festival of the Arts. The funds will be used to purchase new, more portable display boards to put the show in a more prominent location and to exhibit artwork at various times of the year.

Bain has been actively working to develop the art program at MMA, introducing the first public gallery showing of cadet artwork in January and February 2013, when cadets displayed paintings and drawings at the Vault Gallery in Mexico, Mo.

Kathryn Epple was the spouse of the late Dr. Lawrence Epple, MMA alumnus and then MMA physician, who were well-known members of the Mexico community. Kathryn, Lawrence and several of their children were tragically killed in a car accident many years ago. Their memory lives on via the annual art show at MMA, held during Spring Family Weekend.

Individuals who would like to contribute to the project may do so via the MMA web site – , by mailing a check to Missouri Military Academy Att: Epple Gallery Fund, 204 N Grand St., Mexico, Mo 65265 or by contacting Christine Smith, Terry Logue ’72 or LTC Paul Gillette ’70 at 573-581-1776.

E.B. Feutz ’41, Leader in Aviation, Dies

Missouri Military Academy graduate and longtime Mexico resident Emil B. (E.B.) Feutz, class of 1941, passed away at his home on September 1.

Feutz graduated from MMA in 1941 and went on to achieve his dream of becoming a test pilot. He tested aircraft for Cessna and McDonnell Aircraft, eventually founding his own company, Testair, in St. Louis.

He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Estep Feutz, four children, Sheryl Feutz-Harter of Plattsburg, Mo., Wally Feutz (Cindy) of Mexico, Connie Feutz (Paul) of Bellingham, WA, and Eric Feutz (Grace) of Fayette, Mo., eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Feutz left his mark on MMA with the creation of the Feutz Aviation Scholarship, awarded to the deserving MMA cadet who participates in the aviation program. The family is requesting memorial contributions to the E.B. Feutz Scholarship, care of Missouri Military Academy, or the local hospice of their choice.

Where are they now? Anthony Wurl ’09

Terry Logue ’72, Eagle contributor

Anthony Wurl has been busy since his graduation from Missouri Military Academy in 2009.

Wurl will graduate from Purdue University in May of 2013 with a degree in Nuclear Engineering. And, he will be debt free. He has worked full-time in the fast-food industry and then the second shift at the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana, while taking a full class load. Since paying off his school debts, he started the energy club at Purdue last spring, the Purdue Energy Forum.  On Friday, September 14, Wurl will introduce U.S. Senator Richard Lugar as the keynote speaker at the 4th annual Collegiate Energy Summit on the Purdue University campus.

For Wurl, the MMA experience helped make this all possible. “It takes quite a lot of heart to push through the stress and challenges associated with maximizing your capabilities to earn that degree others would have easily abandoned,” said Wurl. “But, at MMA I was taught to set the bar high, to reach out beyond my own abilities, and make something of myself. During my time at MMA, competition drove us to breaking point and we often risked everything to achieve the most minuscule amounts of recognition. When others in college are exposed to the temptations of immoral actions and self-indulgence, I have been able to stay vigilant, focused and press on. That attitude is what has carried me through. MMA made me tough.”

Although he has lived frugally in college, Wurl credits MMA with providing him a high level of independence and memories which he utilizes in his life. “My bed sheets are still those from my room at MMA. I can live by my own means, taking only what I need now”, remarked Wurl. ”I have a solid work ethic from MMA and I could not be more thankful. There are also those memories that I will always have of friends and brotherhood. What we gained from that school is more than anyone could ever ask for.”

To read more about what Wurl has been doing during his college tenure, click the links below:

Purdue Energy Forum:

Senator Lugar story:

Anthony Wurl was Delta Company Commander, varsity football and track captain, and a Dramateer during his time at MMA.

If you are an MMA alumnus and want to let us know what you are up to these days, drop us a line!  Contact Terry Logue ’72, Alumni Relations and Annual Fund Manager.

Reynard ’95 Returns to Address FBLA Cadets

Keith Reynard, a 1995 Missouri Military Academy alumnus, came back to campus Friday, September 7 to speak to cadets involved in the school’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter.

Reynard is the State and Local Tax Data and Compliance Senior at HoganTaylor LLP in Tulsa, Okla.  He talked to students about his experience in college and how he became a certified public accountant.  He also spoke about his three years’ experience working in the U.S. Army’s finance branch in Germany, his time in the corporate world as a cost accountant and then a public accountant before taking his current position at HoganTaylor.

Reynard graduated with an accounting degree from Hannibal-LaGrange University in Hannibal, Mo.

Keith Reynard ’95 talks to FBLA cadets in the library Friday, September 7. Reynard talked about his experiences at MMA and also in the world of accounting.

Logue ’72 Added to MMA Advancement Staff

David Terrell “Terry” Logue will report on September 10 as the Manager of Alumni Relations and Annual Fund at his alma mater, Missouri Military Academy. Prior to his MMA appointment, Logue was the Associate Director of Athletics and a physical education instructor at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. Mr. Logue will work in the Office of Advancement.

Logue graduated from MMA in 1972. He earned a B.A. in Psychology and Political Science at Westminster College and a Master of Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy in Daphne, Ala. He also earned a certificate from The Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Logue’s professional experience is in broadcast, public relations and collegiate athletics. From 1998-2004, he was the Director of Athletics at Westminster College. During that time, he reorganized and doubled the athletic staff and led one of the most successful periods since Westminster College joined the NCAA in the early 90s. In 2004 he stepped down as the Director of Athletics and remained at Westminster College as the Assistant Director of Athletics, in which position he taught additional courses in athletic administration, sports history and sports sociology.

He is a member of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators (NADIIIAA), College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA), and the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers (NASPAA).

“I have always been proud to be a graduate of Missouri Military Academy and for some time I’vewanted to return in some capacity. This is a great opportunity and it is an honor to be able to return and be a part of the team which will provide others the opportunity to receive the quality education I received,” said Logue. “My initial goal is to help broaden the base of alumni engagement and strengthen the Academy’s position as we enter a new phase in MMA’s history.”

MMA Remembers Leslie C. Barnard ’48

barnard hall

Les and Joanne Barnard cut the ribbon during the Barnard Hall dedication in October 2009.

The MMA community is mourning the loss of alumnus and philanthropist Leslie C. Barnard ’48, of Flossmoor, Ill., who passed away on July 12. The students participating in MMA’s summer camp and school took a moment during dinner Thursday evening to remember a man they’ve never met – but whose legacy is present all around them.

The family will hold a celebration of life at Mr. Barnard’s hotel in downtown Chicago on Saturday, July 14 at 1 p.m.

Les Barnard attended Missouri Military Academy from 1945 until he graduated in 1948. He long remembered his time at Missouri Military Academy as a transformative experience and attributed his success as an entrepreneur to his MMA education. He was prosperous in the construction, real estate and hotel industries.

At MMA, he was widely respected by his classmates, the board of trustees, staff and faculty as a kind man of excellent character. Mr. Barnard was a loving husband to his wife, Joanne, a proud father of children Nancy Barnard Knox, Stephen Barnard and Ross Barnard, and a grandfather to their children.

Mr. Barnard was a lifelong supporter of Missouri Military Academy. Former Missouri Military Academy president and chairman of the board, Charles R. Stribling III ’44, remembers Mr. Barnard as an “incredibly loyal” alumnus who was among the first to step up and serve the MMA Alumni Association when it was revived sometime after World War II. He served as the Association president in the 1950s.

In 2009, he decided to make the gift of a lifetime, contributing $3 million to construct MMA’s academic building, which was named Barnard Hall in his honor. A modern, state-of-the-art facility that transformed the way MMA cadets learn, Barnard Hall was the first LEED-certified high school constructed in the state of Missouri.

Mr. Barnard’s gift remains the largest single contribution in Missouri Military Academy history. He found tremendous personal gratification from philanthropy, and once mentioned that he considered the dedication of Barnard Hall among the best moments in his life. In his public remarks during the dedication, he encouraged those in attendance to experience the great feeling that comes from philanthropic contribution.

In many ways, Barnard Hall is a symbol of Les himself: Elegant. Innovative. Welcoming. Supportive of a cadet’s ability to learn and grow. And in those walls, his spirit lives on at Missouri Military Academy.

Other members of the MMA community shared their thoughts about Les Barnard:

“Les will always be remembered as not only an accomplished cadet and later a highly successful businessman, but also as one of the Academy’s most generous benefactors and philanthropists. His vision and support in spearheading the construction of Barnard Hall will leave a lasting imprint on MMA cadets for generations to come.” R. Stribling Koster, chairman of the MMA board of trustees

“Generous is not even enough. He truly loved the school.” Ron Kelly, MMA president, 1993-2007

“I am saddened to hear of Les Barnard’s passing. Saddened because he was a good friend and because he was a man of character who will be missed by many.  Les was a successful entrepreneur who worked hard all his life and he always attributed his success to the values and lessons he learned at MMA. I’ll miss Les, so will many others.”  – Robert M. Flanagan, USMC (Ret), MMA president, 2007-2012

“Due to the extraordinary generosity of one of MMA’s own, Les Barnard, we have an academic building that is conducive to the intellectual development of today’s youth. So many of our cadets will benefit from Barnard Hall for years to come.” – Francesco Giuseffi, MMA Dean of Academics

“Les was a good student at MMA, and a very good friend.” Classmate and close friend SMSgt Albert Brown USAF (Ret), MMA class of 1948

“I am very sad to hear this. Les was a great person. We will miss him tremendously.” Classmate Wallace Beckley ’48

“Les and his wife Joanne have truly been transformational figures at MMA.   Their commitment to the institution and its Cadets is manifest in the beautiful state of the art Barnard Hall which serves each Cadet and members of our faculty and staff every day.   We will all truly miss this wonderful son of MMA.” – Charles A. “Tony” McGeorge, current MMA president

MMA Mourns Loss of Former Physician Ekern

Missouri Military Academy is sad to learn of the passing of longtime school physician Peter Ekern.  Dr. Ekern performed his duties as the MMA physician from 1969 until 2011, dedicating over 40 years of service to the school.  He died at the Audrain Medical Center early Thursday, June 28.  A memorial service will be held Monday, July 2 at 11:00 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Mexico.

To pass along your sympathies, you can click on the link here:

Dr. H. Peter Ekern, M.D. treated cadets at MMA for over 40 years.  He is shown above with Mrs. Velma Stalcup, head nurse at the Cadet Hospital at the time.

Help Celebrate Another Year at MMA!

Missouri Military Academy has touched the lives of many people since its founding in 1889 and will continue to do so for generations.  Today we are asking you and every member of the MMA family to show their support for MMA and the tradition of military school education by giving $18.89 before the end of the MMA fiscal year – May 31, 2012.

If you believe in MMA and what we do, take some time to donate $18.89 online or mail a check to:

 Missouri Military Academy

204 North Grand St.

Mexico, MO 65265

If you have questions about gifts or donations, contact Director of Advancement Dan Fowler.

Parents’ Committee Achieves Goal for Baseball Tarp Fund

The Missouri Military Academy Parents’ Committee has announced it has surpassed its goal in one of its fundraising efforts.  Over $4,000 in donations will result in the purchase of a tarp for Calvert Field.  Spring rains have caused a number of cancellations, shortening recent seasons, and the addition of a tarp and other maintenance equipment will help make sure the Colonels are on the field for each game from now on.

The effort was spearheaded by Mike and Tracy Skinner of St. Jacob, Ill., parents of senior baseball player Travis Skinner. The Skinners, who are also members of the MMA Parents’ Committee, promoted the campaign to parents and alumni beginning Homecoming weekend, and by Valentine weekend, the group met their $4,000 goal.

Contributions made in memory of Chris Horton ’03, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in September, were also counted toward the total.  Horton was also a baseball player at MMA.

Calvert Field in 2011.  The tarp will arrive in time for the Spring 2012 baseball season.

Fundraising for the baseball stadium will continue.  Future donations and contributions will be used to make other improvements to the baseball facilities, such as the dugouts.

If you’d like to contribute to the Chris Horton ’03 Baseball Fund, contact Dan Fowler or Ashley Thomas in the Advancement Office.

Former MMA Educator, Coach Dies at 81

Missouri Military Academy was sorry to learn today that John Reddick of Mexico, Mo., passed away Monday at his home.  Reddick was a long time faculty member at MMA; he was a science instructor, math instructor, coach, director of guidance and director of studies during his 38 year tenure.  He retired from teaching in 1996.  His celebration of life will be Friday, January 13, 2012, at 1 p.m. at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church.  He was 81 years old.

LTC John Reddick explains a geometry problem to his class in a photo from 1988.  LTC Reddick contributed 38 years of service to MMA.

Answer the Call!

Missouri Military Academy has retained RuffaloCODY, a professional fundraiser, again this year to assist with its upcoming phonathon.  Last spring, MMA partnered with RuffaloCODY for the event.  The two groups were able to reach nearly 2,300 alumni, parents, and friends of MMA.  By the end of the phonathon, a total of $23,113 was pledged to Missouri Military Academy.

We are looking forward to another very successful campaign this year, which begins October 18! Answer the call to learn the latest about upcoming events and find out ways to support Missouri Military Academy!

MMA Honors Chris Horton ’03

He died for a purpose... he died serving his country... a belief that makes this country strong. He realized there was something bigger than himself." -- MajGen Robert Flanagan, about Chris Horton '03

Missouri Military Academy cadets, faculty and staff shared a moment of silence in honor of alumnus Chris Horton ’03, who was killed by enemy fire while serving his country in Afghanistan. The Academy paid tribute to Horton’s service during a special formation on September 12.

Academy President MajGen Robert Flanagan addressed a solemn corps of cadets about Horton’s experience as a cadet and his call to serve his country.

“Today, we think about our fallen comrade, and we think about the values that he had,” said MajGen Flanagan. “Think about your values, where you stand, the decisions you make.”

During the ceremony, cadets fired three volleys in his honor. The American flag was lowered to half staff as bugler John Dillon ’13 played “Taps.” MMA Chaplain the Rev. Randy Sawyer, concluded with a prayer.

Chris Horton was a 6-year cadet at MMA and was a member of Delta Co., serving as the 2nd Platoon Leader his senior year. He was a skilled marksman who was captain of the rifle team. Horton also was an honor roll student who earned Academic Fourragere.

Horton was serving in Afghanistan as a member of the 45th Infantry Brigade, Oklahoma National Guard, when his unit came under attack on Friday, September 9.  He was one of three soldiers killed in the attack.

Read more about Chris and his legacy here: collinsville-military-wife-determined-to-honor-husbands-sacrifice

MMA Presents Check to the Sesler Family in Joplin

On Tuesday, June 7, MMA Director of Alumni Relations and Executive Officer Lt. Col. Jim Medley, along with MMA Director of Advancement Dan Fowler, traveled to Joplin, Mo. to present a check and other donations to alumnus Guy ’60 and his wife Sabra Sesler on behalf of the MMA community.  The Seslers lost their home and belongings in the tornado that leveled much of Joplin in May, so MMA quickly sent out a call for help to alumni, faculty, staff and families. Within two weeks, the Academy collected clothing and more than $7,000 in cash contributions.

 The Battalion Commander for the class of 1960, Guy Sesler served his country as a sniper in Vietnam. Sesler and his wife Sabra both suffered injuries during the storm that leveled their home. The Seslers did not have insurance.  “The Sesler family is overwhelmed with gratitude,” said Lt. Col. Medley. “Dan and I were proud to represent the MMA community as we presented these generous contributions.”  There is still time to contribute to the effort. 100 percent of contributions are turned over to the family.

Checks payable to the Guy Sesler Fund can be mailed to the Guy Sesler Fund, c/o MMA, 204 N. Grand St., Mexico, Mo., 65265.  Donate online via credit card to the Guy Sesler Fund.