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What We’re Thankful For

The question: “What are you thankful for?” was posed to cadets and faculty. Their responses are posted below:

“Getting the chance to come to MMA. I would not have been so successful in my high school career, I use to have lower grades and once I got to MMA with the structure I was able to get my grades up to where I have never seen them before.” Jonathan Richardson

“I’m thankful to all those that paid with their time and life to allow me to live in a country where I can make my own choices, a community and workplace with many friends, Doctors that are well trained, and a loving family.”  Joyce Lowry, biology teacher


 “I am thankful to be at this school and to be receiving a great education, and to live in my platoon with my great leaders.  I am thankful to have my family, and to have my life, it can change and it can be all taken away.  I am thankful that I have the best parents, and the best siblings.  I am thankful for my academics and for my education.  I am thankful for the people in my family that has served, or currently serving in the military.  I thank them for serving.  Have a great thanksgiving, and be thankful for everything.”  Sky Thunderchild

 “I am thankful for family and more importantly my parents, who gave me the opportunity to come to MMA so that I may get the best education possible in order to begin the foundation and planning of my future and my life. I am thankful for a family that always has my back, and always keeps me thriving to do better and better.” Gregory Prinster

“I am thankful for all the teachers being there to help me with my grades.” Clayton Ebert

“I am thankful for my mom and my dad giving up their extra time to work and be able to send me to this fine institution and give me the opportunity to be successful in life.” Derek Ryan

“I am thankful for all my brothers here at MMA that are now my new family.” Andrey Wilke  

 “First, we are thankful for finding this great institution and the devoted and motivated people who use it to influence the lives around them.  Second, we are astounded by the commitment and abilities of health care professionals who have done magic for our family in the last two years.  Happy Thanksgiving!”   The Esteniks

 “I am thankful for my family, a wonderful career, an interest in political philosophy, and my Western Intellectual History class!”  Dr. Giuseffi

 “For all of the opportunities that I’ve been given in this past year. From attending to the Duke of York’s Royal Military School, to having the United States Army offering to pay for all 4 years of my college.”  Adam Schmitz

Rememberance 2014-11

“My parents, my coaches, my teammates and all the people who helped and cared about me before.” Haoming Zhang

 “I am thankful my sons are safe and well.”  MAJ Morgan

“I was thankful for my family and for their health. I was also thankful for all my brothers here at MMA, that they traveled safely.” Erik Jensen

 “I give thanks for family, because they make me feel warm.” Dongyang Chen

 “I am thankful for a job that gives me the opportunity to make a difference in a cadet’s education and hopefully inspire them. I am thankful to work for and with individuals that care about their work.” LT Morris

 “I’m thankful of having the opportunity to study at MMA.” Juan Flores

 “My family, my friends, and my life.” Jose Mejia

 “FOOOOOOOOD!!!” Alexandre McDonald (His mom must be an amazing cook!!)

canned food drive missouri military academy “I am thankful for all the people who have helped me in life.” Emilio Elias

“I am thankful that I got accepted to a college.” Ariyandev Sandui

 “I am thankful for my family, five wonderful grandkids and the opportunity to work with some of the finest people I’ve ever known.” LTC Medley

“I am thankful for my friends, my home, my ability to play sports, and most importantly, my family.” Tristan Hendrix

“I am thankful for my health, which allows me the ability to work and enjoy family and friends.” Ms. Maassen

“I am thankful that we have been blessed with the wonderful  126th Corps of Cadets! Have a wonderful holiday season!” President McGeorge

Kevin Farley hired as new Director of College Placement and Counseling, Head Soccer Coach

image of kevin farley

Missouri Military Academy is pleased to announce that MAJ Kevin Farley has been named the Director of College Placement and Counseling. MAJ Farley, who has nearly fifteen years’ experience as a college soccer coach, will also take the helm of the Fighting Colonels soccer team in the fall.

MAJ Farley comes to Missouri Military Academy from Wentworth Military Academy and College in Lexington, Mo., where he previously served as the Director of Public Relations and Head Soccer Coach. He began work on July 1.

“MAJ Farley brings many years of experience working in the field of higher education, building relationships with other schools and working with students to help them reach their goals,” says Dr. Frank Giuseffi, MMA Dean of Academics. “I feel confident that he will bring a great deal of professionalism and energy to this very important position.”

As head soccer coach at Wentworth, MAJ Farley successfully developed the first-ever college soccer team at the school, guiding several players to soccer scholarships and NCAA athletic programs. He developed relationships with colleges and universities across the country. He also led the 2012 team to earn the highest GPA (3.31) in the nation for a 2-year soccer team.

From 1992 to 1997, MAJ Farley served in the United States Navy as a sonar technician, earning the rank of 2nd Class Petty Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Si Tanka University and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Dakota Wesleyan University.

Q&A with New Director of College Placement MAJ Kevin Farley

Q: What is your philosophy as a coach?

A: My philosophy, I have had it for probably the last 13 years, is be better today than you were yesterday, be better tomorrow than you are today. We all make mistakes – that is what makes us all successful. That is what I ask of my players, not only on the field but in their lives. It’s kind of how I live my life.

Q: What are your plans as a college placement director?

A: We have a good program here, which I’d like to build upon. I’d like to make the College Placement office a resource for students and families, so they know what is happening in higher education and college placement. For example, one of the first things that I would like to do is to develop a digital newsroom about college placement on the school’s website. It will basically be a one-stop shop where people can come in and read stories about what is happening in college placement. College is obviously one of the biggest decisions in life, and educating parents and students about the college selection process and higher education in general will help inform the right choice.

Q: What do sports teach kids?

A: Everything from leadership to commitment to loyalty. … One of the first things you learn as an athlete is to overcome adversity. As an athlete, nothing ever goes perfect, whether it is making the team, playing the position that you want, winning the number of games that you want, etc. … One of the first things I will do with our team is on the back of our jerseys above all the numbers will be the word “honor.” It is a very important word in my life and obviously here at a military academy such as MMA. … The character that you learn from being an athlete is huge. … At a school like ours it is important for every kid to be a part of sports. It is a great tool to teach that character.

Q: What would you do over if you could return to high school?

A: I would spend a lot more time focusing on my grades. I was a smart student but it really wasn’t a priority. I wish I would have known a lot more about the college opportunities that were out there.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I spend a lot of time with my dog Baxter. … I live by the lake, so I will take him on walks and enjoy time with him. I read a lot. I listen to music. I love to run. I love to play golf. I am not very good at it but I enjoy it. … In 1997 was the last time I ever had a television set in my house. When people come over they start looking around a little bit, they ask, “Where’s your TV?” I find myself being a little more productive without distraction.

Q: Why do you support the military school model?

A: The military changed my life. It made a huge difference in who I am as a person. It transformed me from being a boy to being a man. It transformed me from being irresponsible to responsible. … It’s structure and discipline and all that, but what it does is teach you how to take care of your responsibilities so that you can have fun. … Some of the most fun days of my life were when I was in the military. It teaches you to take care of what you need to take care of so you can have fun.

Missouri Military Academy Announces 2014 Summer Programs

Confidence Camp for boys ages 8-11 is added to offerings this year

Missouri Military Academy has announced the agenda for its 2014 summer programs, adding a one-week confidence camp for boys ages 8-11. The camps are held on MMA’s 288-acre campus in Mexico, Missouri.

Summer Leadership Camp cadets complete a back campus obstacle.

Summer Leadership Camp cadets use teamwork to complete a back campus obstacle.

Summer Academy: June 22- July 18, 2014
A four-week, for-credit summer school for students entering grades 7-12. This structured program combines engaging, teacher-intensive classroom work with fun activities that open new horizons to young people – all in a safe, well-supervised environment. Day and boarding programs exist for male students, while female students enroll as day students.

Confidence Camp: July 6-12, 2014
MMA’s Confidence Camp helps boys 8-11 develop a sense of pride in them¬selves and their accomplishments. Focusing on good decision-making and teamwork exercises, the one-week program rewards young men for their progress.

Leadership Camp: July 6-18, 2014
Young men ages 12-17 find new challenges at the two-week Leadership Camp. The program teaches boys to follow as well as to lead, as it helps them to understand the benefits and responsibilities of being a leader. Physical training helps participants unlock their potential, and team-building courses help them to work better alongside their peers.

Director of Summer Programs LTC Greg Seibert, who leads the summer program at MMA and also serves as the Commandant of Cadets during the academic year, hints at an action-filled experience for the summer camps: “This is a great experience for any boy or young man who wants to push himself and grow as a leader. We’ll have fun, too – paintball, rappelling, high ropes, and swimming are just a few of the many activities at both camps.”

For the first time, families can purchase MMA summer camp gift certificates. In anticipation of the holiday season, the Academy is offering a $100 camp discount to those who purchase gift certificates before December 31.

More information can be found at

MMA Art Department Raising Funds for Permanent Art Gallery

image of the Epple Gallery MMA art teacher LT Chris Bain and the Advancement office have launched an initiative to construct the Academy’s first permanent art gallery, located in Barnard Hall. The purpose of the exhibit is to display students’ works of art on a rotating basis and to present themed exhibits that will serve as teaching tools on the subjects of art and humanities.

With a goal to raise $3,500, Bain is planning to install lighting and materials on the second floor of Barnard Hall, near the art room. The wall space in that area is

currently unused. He hopes to name the gallery consistent with the annual art show named in memory of the late Kathryn Epple and plans to call it the Epple Art Gallery.

“The Epple Memorial Art Show has been an annual tradition at Missouri Military Academy, but art education isn’t a once-a-year event,” says LT Bain. “We’d like to showcase our students’ artwork year-round and make the most of our educational space.”

Funds will also be used to reinvest in and expand the annual Kathryn Epple Memorial Art Show held during the spring Festival of the Arts. The funds will be used to purchase new, more portable display boards to put the show in a more prominent location and to exhibit artwork at various times of the year.

Bain has been actively working to develop the art program at MMA, introducing the first public gallery showing of cadet artwork in January and February 2013, when cadets displayed paintings and drawings at the Vault Gallery in Mexico, Mo.

Kathryn Epple was the spouse of the late Dr. Lawrence Epple, MMA alumnus and then MMA physician, who were well-known members of the Mexico community. Kathryn, Lawrence and several of their children were tragically killed in a car accident many years ago. Their memory lives on via the annual art show at MMA, held during Spring Family Weekend.

Individuals who would like to contribute to the project may do so via the MMA web site – , by mailing a check to Missouri Military Academy Att: Epple Gallery Fund, 204 N Grand St., Mexico, Mo 65265 or by contacting Christine Smith, Terry Logue ’72 or LTC Paul Gillette ’70 at 573-581-1776.

Missouri Military Academy and Stephens College Partner to Host Guest Speaker Shabana Basij-Rasikh

Rasij-Basikh is co-founder and president of SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan and an internationally known advocate of the education of women in Afghanistan

On Wednesday, October 23, Shabana Basij-Rasikh will present “The Future of Afghan Women” at 7 p.m. in Lela Raney Wood Hall on the campus of Stephens College. The event is free and open to the public.

image of Basij-Rasikh


Shabana Basij-Rasikh is co-founder and president of SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan, a nonprofit that makes education and employment accessible to young Afghan women. SOLA is also the first, and perhaps the only, girls’ boarding school in Afghanistan, where the education of females was illegal during the decades of Taliban rule.

Basij-Rasikh’s work has garnered international attention, and her personal story is compelling.  Cadets and faculty will travel to Columbia to hear the courageous story of her personal struggle to seek an education as a young woman, often disguising herself as a boy to avoid severe punishment by the Taliban.

Basij-Rasikh comes to central Missouri to visit Missouri Military Academy (MMA) in Mexico, where her nephew, a SOLA scholar, attends the college preparatory school as a boarding student. As the second oldest women’s college in the country, Stephens College agreed to host a speaking event on campus in Columbia.

“SOLA’s mission is an important one for women in general and Afghanistan in particular. Through MMA’s 360° Educational model, which focuses on the development of the whole young man, we hope to educate the fathers of the future that will support the active participation of women in every aspect of society. We are proud to support the initiatives and mission of the School of Leadership, Afghanistan.” – MMA President Tony McGeorge

 Shabana Basij-Rasikh – Official Bio

Born and raised in Kabul, Shabana finished high school in the U.S. through the State Department’s Youth Exchange Studies program. She went on to attend Middlebury College, graduating magna cum laude in International Studies and Women & Gender Studies in 2011.

In college, she founded HELA, a non-profit to empower Afghan women through education. She also raised funds across the U.S. to build a high school for girls in her ancestral village, and wells in the outskirts of Kabul. Shabana was selected as one of Glamour® Magazine’s Top 10 College Women in 2010, and received the Vermont Campus Compact 2011 award for outstanding public service. In 2011–12 Shabana was the National Gender Mainstreaming Advisor at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Kabul.

Shabana co-founded SOLA in 2008 with four students. Today, 23 girls and 2 boys aged 11 to 22 represent all major ethnic groups, religious sects and tribes, and half of Afghan provinces in SOLA’s preparatory program in Kabul. SOLA scholars attend boarding schools, colleges and graduate programs in the U.S. and around the world, including Bates, Loomis Chaffee, Middlebury, Mt. Holyoke, Northfield Mt. Hermon, Smith, and Tufts.

SOLA’s mission is to provide these future leaders of Afghanistan with global educational opportunities so that they can—and will—return home to develop Afghan solutions to Afghan problems. The strength of her vision for advancing Afghanistan, drawing on her personal story and that of the school she founded, have propelled her onto the world stage.

E.B. Feutz ’41, Leader in Aviation, Dies

Missouri Military Academy graduate and longtime Mexico resident Emil B. (E.B.) Feutz, class of 1941, passed away at his home on September 1.

Feutz graduated from MMA in 1941 and went on to achieve his dream of becoming a test pilot. He tested aircraft for Cessna and McDonnell Aircraft, eventually founding his own company, Testair, in St. Louis.

He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Estep Feutz, four children, Sheryl Feutz-Harter of Plattsburg, Mo., Wally Feutz (Cindy) of Mexico, Connie Feutz (Paul) of Bellingham, WA, and Eric Feutz (Grace) of Fayette, Mo., eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Feutz left his mark on MMA with the creation of the Feutz Aviation Scholarship, awarded to the deserving MMA cadet who participates in the aviation program. The family is requesting memorial contributions to the E.B. Feutz Scholarship, care of Missouri Military Academy, or the local hospice of their choice.

LTC Paul Gillette ’70 Returns to Alumni Office

Missouri Military Academy is announcing the hire of LTC Paul Gillette, US Army (Ret.), MMA class of 1970, as an Alumni Relations and Annual Fund Manager. LTC Gillette will work to engage MMA alumni and grow support for the Academy.

The hire came about when current alumni manager Terry Logue ’72 announced that he would be reducing his hours to part time. Rather than replace Mr. Logue, the Academy created a job sharing situation in which both Gillette and Logue will work part time.

“This is a situation that works well for both of our alumni, and works especially well for MMA, since we have not one, but two very dedicated alumni on staff,” said Group Director Christine Smith.

LTC Gillette retired from MMA in 2009 after serving the Academy in several capacities for 15 years, including as a development officer. He retired from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel prior to returning to his alma mater. Since his retirement, though, he has not been able to say goodbye to his Academy, often working part time as a sub and lending a hand in facilities.

LTC Gillette began work September 3, and will be on staff Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. His email address is

image of advancement team at MMA

MMA alumni and development office staff, from left to right: Cassandra Brooks, Advancement Coordinator; Terry Logue ’72, Alumni and Annual Fund Manager; LTC Paul Gillette ’70, Alumni and Annual Fund Manager; Christine Smith, Group Director

Missouri Military Academy Introduces Commemorative Crest for 125th Anniversary

New MMA CrestAn enhanced version of the traditional Missouri Military Academy crest has been developed to celebrate MMA’s 125th anniversary. The Academy will officially celebrate the milestone in 2014.

Original elements including the Missouri state seal, the Academy motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” and the Lamp of Knowledge have been enriched with additional, accurate detail. The fasce (a symbol of strength through unity) and the eagle appear more realistic and dignified.

The eagle, reminiscent of the one worn in the early days of the Academy, now holds a banner in its beak which reads “125 years, 1889 to 2014” and has spread its wings wide to welcome another era of progress.

The crest is an enhancement of the traditional crest, which has been modified slightly throughout the years. The version utilized prior to the 125-year design is displayed at bottom right.

“To celebrate this incredible milestone, we have prepared a 125th anniversary crest which embraces our distinguished past and celebrates our bright future,” MMA President Charles McGeorge said. “The anniversary crest has been significantly enhanced with rich artistic detail and a version of the U.S. Army eagle worn by our cadets at the time of our founding.”

This isn’t the first time MMA has introduced a special crest to celebrate a milestone. In 1989, the Academy released a centennial logo (shown below, left) to commemorate the Academy’s 100th birthday.

MMA will design and sell special commemorative items for purchase by alumni, cadets and families featuring the new crest. A full schedule of 125-year observances will be announced in the coming year.


Missouri Military Academy 100 Year Anniversary Crest

The centennial crest was introduced in 1989 and was displayed on uniform patches and medals.


The crest prior to its enhancement by a professional artist.



David Adams is New Director of Enrollment Management

adamsMissouri Military Academy has announced that David Adams of Columbia, Mo. is the Academy’s new Director of Enrollment Management. He began working on campus on July 9.

Adams brings several years of sales, recruiting and admissions experience, previously serving as Dean of Enrollment at Stephens College for five years. Adams was the dean during a time known as the College’s “Renaissance,” serving on a management team that increased alumnae support, stabilized the College’s financial situation and – in his department – significantly increased enrollment.

“The MMA management team is strengthened by the addition of such a fine professional manager as David. His success and experience as Dean of Enrollment at Stephens College is directly translatable to our school and, like Stephens, comes at an important time in the school’s history,” said Tony McGeorge, MMA president.

Adams’ goal is to increase enrollment, and he is focused on identifying new markets, raising awareness about the school, utilizing the MMA alumni network to identify potential students and bringing more families to campus for visits.

Adams also brings significant experience in human resources and management, having served as an executive at the AP Green Refractories in Mexico, Mo. for more than 20 years and most recently serving as Vice President of Mid America Brick. He is known for his approachable, friendly personality and his excellent work ethic. As a native of Mexico, he remembers well the sound of drums every morning as cadets marched to mess, of fishing with good friend John Reddick in Teardrop Lake and watching cadets march to church on Sundays.

Adams currently lives in Columbia with his wife, Kathy, who is also from Mexico.  He holds a Bachelor’s in Public Service from the University of Central Missouri and serves on the board of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, chairing its Education Council. Adams has also served as a board member and president for Ronald McDonald House Charities and was once a member of the Mexico, Missouri Board of Education.

“I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to lead the enrollment team at MMA as we continue the tradition of bringing future cadets to Missouri Military Academy, developing leadership, character, academic excellence and physical development,”  said Adams.

Adams can be reached at 573-581-1776 Ext. 323 and via email –

SCUBA Program Certifies First Divers

Missouri Military Academy Scuba Instructor Mitch Moffitt recently announced that several cadets recently achieved certifications after finishing a Scuba course. This is the first year that MMA has offered Scuba as an athletic program.

The following divers were certified as Open Water Divers:

John Dillon, senior, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Austin Teague, junior, Mexico, Mo.

Jon Snyder, freshman, Houston, Texas

Roy Grabowski, junior, Gates Mills, Ohio

Nicholas Mabbs, junior, Batavia, Ill.

Jonathon Richardson, sophomore, Cohassett, Minn.

Chandler Bolinger, grade 6, Southlake, Texas

The following diver was certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver:

Ricardo Gonzalez, junior, of College Station, Texas


MMA is the only middle school /high school in the world recognized by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in the College and University category.  MMA requires all students to achieve a passing score of 100%.  The Divers will receive 1 college credit for the course.

According to Moffitt, MMA upholds this rigorous requirement for two reasons:

“We want our Scuba divers to be the safest and best prepared divers upon their date of certification and we want to be recognized as the best overall Scuba-certifying high school in the world.”

2013 Spring and Annual Athletic Award Ceremony

Spring Sports Banquet | 2013
Missouri Military Academy recently honored it’s spring athletes and teams and presented some annual sports awards at their Spring Sports Banquet.  In attendance were student athletes, coaches, faculty and parents.  It’s a great event that showcases the athletic and academic strengths of our cadets.

The award winners are as follows:


Best Athletic Record – Bravo Company
M Club Trophy- Bravo
Bohm Highest Scholastic Average – Nischal Khanal
McDonough Trophy – Nischal Khanal



MVP – Andres Garcia
Most Improved – David Lozano/ Votor Gomez

Track and Field

Best in Field Events – Leonardo Lozano

Best Runner – DeCharion Owens

MVP – Hugh Harris


MVP – Victor Marroquin

Best 1st Year Player – Victor Marroquin

Most Improved – Emeterio Gomez


Foley Golf Trophy (MVP) – Fernando Lopez

Middle School Track

MVP-Tajae Blue

Most Improved-Tan Pongsuea

MMA Honors Employee Service During Review


MMA employees are recognized during Review as a Special Order is read. From left: Greg Morton, accompanied by his wife Beverly, MAJ Dennis Diederich and his wife, Kathy; Martha Bruce; and CPT Jim Ward and his wife, Connie. Not pictured: James Hilderman, Faye Lehnen, LTC Tim Scherrer and CPT Eddie Ratliff.


On Sunday, May 19, the MMA community recognized eight employees who reached milestone anniversaries of service to the Academy and cadets. The employees were honored during a Review and a reception in Stribling Hall, on the campus of Missouri Military Academy.

The following received pins to commemorate years of service that range from five to 30 years:

Mr. Greg Morton, Director of Facilities and Grounds – 30 years

Mr. James Hilderman, Maintenance Technician – 25 years

MAJ Dennis Diederich, Quartermaster, who has also served MMA as Admissions Counselor and Director of Admissions – 15 years

Mrs. Faye Lehnen, Laundry Technician – 15 years

Mrs. Martha Bruce, Laundry Technician – 10 years

LTC Tim Scherrer (USAR), Director of Guidance and College Placement – 5 years

CPT Eddie Ratliff, Residential Faculty – 5 years

CPT James Ward, Residential Faculty – 5 years

2013 Scholars Banquet


On May 17, in the presence of faculty, family members and MMA administration, cadets were inducted into the Delta Phi Scholastic Society, National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society.

Keynote speaker Dr. Kurt Jefferson, Director of the Center for Engaging the World at Westminster College, addressed attendees in Barnard Hall Atrium at the annual Scholars Banquet and Initiation Ceremony, which began at 7:00 p.m.

Eoghan Matthews ’13, president of Delta Phi, initiated incoming Delta Phi members and also passed the 2013-2014 presidency on to Jack Solls ’14. Matthews is currently the Battalion S-3 and will also pass that title along to Solls during the Senior Review on May 25.

Nischal Khanal, President of the National Honor Society, recognized the newly-inducted NHS and NJHS members. Scholar's Banquet 2013MMA President Tony McGeorge congratulated cadets and presented the senior keys, a symbol of MMA scholarship during one’s senior year, to Delta Phi members.

Richard Massey-Scott ’13 and John Dillon ’13 led attendees in singing Old MMA and reciting the benediction as the ceremony adjourned.

W. Wallace Fry Public Speaking Contest Finalists Announced

MMA announced the finalists for its 81st annual W. Wallace Fry Jr., class of 1903 Public Speaking Contest. These students will present their own speeches on these topics on Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m. in Centennial Gymtorium.

Tajae Blue, eighth grade, of High Ridge, Mo.,  “Standing Up for the Future”
Adam Schmitz, sophomore, of Chesterfield, Mo., “Is the World Really What We Think It Is?”
Kyle Mertens, freshman, of Mexico, Mo., “A Pirate’s Life For Me”
Ricardo Padilla, senior, of San Salvador, El Salvador,  “Should Schools Teach Art?”
Jon Johnston, junior, of Woodsboro, Md., “Gangs”
Ethan Rachell, senior, of St. Louis, Mo.,  “Down & Out”

DC Owens, a junior from Memphis, Tenn., is this year’s alternate. His speech is titled “Uniformity: Forced or Forgotten?”

The W. Wallace Fry Jr. Public Speaking Contest is held the Thursday prior to Commencement Weekend each year. The event is named for Wallace Fry, an MMA alumnus and prominent Mexicoan who graduated from the Academy in 1903.

The public is welcome to attend the contest.


Cadet Leadership for 2013-2014 Year Announced

2013-2014 BC Rodriguez
At the annual Designation Ceremony the new cadet leadership was announced for the 2013-2014 academic year.  These cadets are the student leaders of the corps of cadets.  The new Battalion Commander, Cadet 2LT Roel Eduardo Rodriguez will oversee all conduct and activities of the corps.  He will also ensure each of the other student leaders perform their individual duties and responsibilities.  This is Battalion Commander Cadet 2LT Rodriguez’ second year at the Academy and he is currently the platoon sergeant of Echo Company.  He has been a member of both the Soccer team as well as the Raiders.  The entire corps congratulates Cadet 2LT Rodriguez on his promotion.
Group 2013-2014 Cadet Leaders
Other Cadet Leaders are as follows:

Battalion Executive Officer:  Cadet SFC Parker Bridge

Battalion S1:  SSG Nicholas Mabbs

Battalion S2:  SSG Jesus Herrera

Battalion S3:  SSG Jack Solls

Battalion S4:  SSG Daniel Garcia

Battalion S5:  SSG Dylan Dawson

Command Sergeant Major:  SSG Jacob Priester

Bravo Company Commander:  SFC Tyler Vaughan

Charlie Company Commander:  SFC Emilio Cueto

Delta Company Commander:  SFC Brandon Darnall

Echo Company Commander:  SFC Jose Bours

Band Company Commander:  SFC Chadwick Cardott