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ACADEMIC BRIEFS: MAJ Reynard’s International Business

elizondogOn April 7 and 8, small groups of cadets in MAJ Peggy Reynard’s first and seventh period International Business classes presented their business concepts. Each group discussed the location, start-up costs, cash flow, information needs and expenses of their ventures.

Edward Cha and Jared Violette distributed business cards for their company EJ’s Ultimate Fitness, a professional training facility with gym locations across the world. The duo detailed a plan to air commercials for their business during boxing television programs and pursue sponsorships with companies such as Nike, Everlast and Fitbit.

mertens_byJamesA pitch by Carlos Liriano and Yinzhou Wang described a company called Hope’s Consulting, which would help the public prepare for, communicate about and recover from natural disasters.

ARVM Customizations, a luxury car company presented by Adrian Villarreal and Rodrigo Maceda, would import paint, rims, carbon fiber and steel in order to export customized vehicles across the world.

chaGabriel Elizondo and Photsavat Pongsuea presented HydraPure, a business which would be located in Switzerland and would package and provide premium quality bottled water. The partners estimated start-up costs of $750,000 and cash paid out after the first year at approximately $1,081,000.

Seniors Kyle Mertens and Nishan Khanal proposed a food service business called Gandalf’s Pizza.

CPT Olive’s cadets create unique Arthurian Legends board games

GRACIA2Second semester midterm exams were held during the last week of March. Though some teachers chose to administer traditional exams, CPT Robert Olive assigned a different task to his Arthurian Legends class – create your own working board game based on The Once and Future King.

Olive supplied small groups of students with blank boards, pieces, glue, scissors and empty cardboard boxes to create their games. On March 29 during the midterm exam period, he circled the classroom and awarded points as students played their board games.

Project partners Jesus Gracia, Rodrigo Garza Navarro, Jared Violette and Fahad Aliev created a game entitled, “The Arthurian Quest!” Each turn began with the rolling two dice. If players rolled doubles, they drew a “Double” card – if not, they drew a “Legend” card. Double cards gave special instructions, such as “Continue to the Mythical Forest” and “Merlin gives you advice – roll again.”  Legend cards posed questions about the novel, such as “How do Sir Grummore and Sir Palomides try to cure King Pellinore’s broken heart?”

HOLMAN_ESTRADA_HANNAGAN_GONZALEZE3Alexander Seibert, Hector Chapa, Wyatt Smith and Emran Babak named their creation “The Game of Arthurian Legends.” The game included “Legend” trivia cards – players who failed to answer their Legend question correctly lost their next turn – as well as “War” cards. When a player lands on a red “War” space, they must answer trivia questions back and forth with an opposing player. The first player who gets a question wrong moves back ten spaces.

Russell Holman, Sean Hannagan, Eduardo Gonzalez and Jose Estrada also created a game called “The Arthurian Quest.” In this version, the game is complete when the winner pulls a miniature, cardboard sword out of a small clay stone. Cadets also included power up spaces where players “transformed” into squirrel, fish or owl and moved forward extra spaces.

MMA Lacrosse to hold first match April 8

IMG_3949_best_abbottOn Friday, April 8, the MMA lacrosse team will hold its first-ever Maroon & Gold scrimmage. Members of the MMA community and the general public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

“With this being our first year as a sport here at MMA and lacrosse being somewhat of an unknown entity around these parts, we wanted to have an open scrimmage on campus to allow everyone to see the great sport that this group of cadets have been working so hard to learn,” head coach LT Kevin Bissmeyer said. “This season has been about teaching the basics, how to catch and throw.”

IMG_0332_palenBissmeyer has previous coaching and playing experience at both the high school and college levels.

The 2015-16 lacrosse roster includes 27 players, six of whom have previous playing experience.

According to Bissmeyer, lacrosse differs from football because “lacrosse players come in all shapes and sizes. There is no set physical type for each position.”

According to Athletic Director MAJ Kevin Farley, lacrosse “really fits what we are doing here at MMA.”

“It’s a well-know, well-recognized sport in the boarding school community and having a team here on campus could help attract students,” Farley said.

“I want our teams, all MMA athletic teams, to be competitive,” President Charles McGeorge, a former high school lacrosse player and coach, said. “We’d love to see people come out. … We look forward to the chance to welcome the community to campus.”

Article by Jonathan Grffin of the Mexico Ledger.

Maroon & Gold 2016

greitens_jeon_babak_liriano_curley_cortada_moorew_murphy_jonesm_joness_cunninghamAdministrators, faculty, staff, cadets, parents, alums and family members from all across the nation gathered April 2 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel for the annual Maroon & Gold fundraising gala.


The star of the show at the 2016 Maroon & Gold dinner was LCDR Eric Greitens, the recipient of this year’s Gen. Clifton B. Cates, MMA class of 1910 “I Will Hold” Award for Leadership.

IMG_4650_mcgeorge_greitensThe award recognizes exceptional leaders who have demonstrated determination, steadfastness and perseverance through times of challenge. Greitens, a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran who served four tours of duty overseas, certainly fit the bill.

After returning home, Greitens founded The Mission Continues, a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans get back on their feet and give back to their communities. In 2014, Fortune EG speaker photo. colorMagazine named Greitens one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” For more on Greitens and the I Will Hold Award, click here.


In mid-January, the Drum Corps received seven custom, hand-painted drums featuring the crest and colors of Missouri Military Academy. The instruments were purchased thanks to funds IMG_4576from the “Raise the Paddle” proceeds at the 2015 Maroon & Gold event and were unveiled with a dramatic march toward the stage at the 2016 event. (Funds from the 2016 “Raise The Paddle” will benefit the MMA lacrosse team.)

WO2 Freddie Lomas took the stage after the Drum Corps’ performance to deliver a call for action: help send the MMA band to Pearl Harbor!

1.12.15_NewDrum_ECIn December 2016, the Fighting Colonels Marching Band will spend a week in Hawaii, where they will perform alongside young musicians from across the U.S. and Japan at the 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Band Tour. But they need help from the MMA community in order to ensure every cadet can attend regardless of their financial situation. You can help send our boys to Hawaii by purchasing a limited edition Band of Brothers t-shirt: click here for details.


In early February, the MMA Development office kicked off a cadet fundraising challenge to raise sponsorships and donations for Maroon and Gold 2016. The program, which was led by Annual Fund Director Cassandra Brooks, offered a fun competition and incentives. Eleven teams of cadets vied to raise the most funds. On the final day of the competition, raffle winners were announced at noon mess. Bravo won the deluxe showerheads, which were installed March 16.

For more information on the cadet fundraiser, click here.

SPORTS BRIEFS: Tennis, Raiders & Lifeguards


As of April 2016, the following students have earned their Red Cross Lifeguard Certification at Missouri Military Academy. Requirements for the two-year Red Cross Life Guard Qualification included included a CPR/AED course, a 300-meter swim, a brick test and a two-minute endurance test in which students treaded water without their hands.

IMG_9686_willimonFahad Aliev
Weitao Cong
Oscar Cortada
John Curley
Aeron Lee
Jacob McMahon
Justtin Muilenburg
Juan Diego Silva Zuniga
Aaron Thompson
Evan Willimon

curley1The class was tough. What made it hard, though, were the long hours in the classroom with intermittent pool exercises. The hardest part was the final assessment, which included 2 tests and 3 live scenarios, all of which we had to perfect. … The majority of failures were for small mistakes — missing a few questions on the test or forgetting a certain procedure in the water, like giving detailed instructions to civilians, for example. I do not take the life of another lightly. I constantly think about the possibility of being in danger, and if I would feel confident in the abilities of the lifeguard present. JOHN CURLEY ’16


3.2.16_ChenYL_Eisenmann_zhangz_zhangs_eckardt_cepeda_zhouj_russell_schaaf_jin_wangy_lou_cong_ashton_webster_mitchell_choy_biddle_byEC1Eight members of the MMA Raiders team (Jason Russell, Kian Moriarty, Purevsuren Bayanbaatar, Charles Eckardt, Juan Cepeda, Ernesto Melgar, Zenghui Zhang and Victor Arturo Leon) competed April 2 at the Waynesville’s Raider Meet at Fort Leonard Wood.  The Colonels placed fourth overall of 12 teams, taking home first place in the 10k road march event with a time of 1 hour, 13 minutes.

IMG_4210“This event was actually 11.4K over very rough and hilly terrain,” Raider sponsor 1SG John Biddle said.

Cadets also took fourth place in the physical fitness test and fourth place in the one-rope bridge event, missing third place by only 20 seconds.

Judges of the six events included active duty drill sergeants, sapper soldiers and officers.


On April 1, the Colonels faced Helias Catholic High School at Washington Park Courts in Jefferson City. Cadets were IMG_1753_shields_bestdefeated 7-0 in a match cut short due to rain.

“The cadets did their best against a very good team from Helias Catholic,” Head Coach MAJ Mike Pemberton said. “Even though it was a tough match, the cadets kept battling and never quit. Overall, I was proud of their effort and hustle.”

On April 5, the Missouri Military Academy tennis team was defeated 1-7 by Fulton High School on the MMA courts. Ethan Istas defeated his Fulton opponent 10-2 in singles play. In exhibition doubles, Tyler Jansing and Ricardo Maceda won 6-6 (9-7).

“Even though we lost the match, I thought we came out and played pretty good tennis,” Head Coach MAJ Mike Pemberton said. “As a team, we are learning from our mistakes and showing signs of improvement.”

Educational Tour to Italy

group7Escorted by Missouri Military Academy staffers Rhonda Blaue, MAJ Edsel Baker and Dr. James Bonanno, seventeen students visited Italy in mid-March.

The program, which was coordinated by Worldstrides International Discovery Programs, began March 13 with an overnight flight to Italy.

IMG_0984_best_merino_arredondoIn Venice, cadets enjoyed a gondola ride and visited St. Mark’s Square, the Grand Canal, the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs.

On day four of their journey, en route to Florence, cadets viewed the early Christian and Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna.

In Florence, students visited the Duomo, the Baptistery doors, the Church of Santa Croce and the Ponte Vecchio. At the Accademia museum, students viewed Michelangelo’s David and other works dating back to the 16th century from artists such as da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. That evening, cadets created their own pasta and cooked spaghetti with creme caramel.

IMG_0972_calanda_estradaCadets next traveled through Tuscany and explored Assissi, visiting the beautiful Basilica of St. Francis. They then continued into Rome, stopping at the Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine and Trajan’s Column.

Students next visited Pompeii, Roman city frozen in time by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., before flying back to the United States.

Winter Sports Banquet & FBLA bars

basketball_bissmeyer_fitzgerald_oldokhbayar_shields_chinguun_byambatsogt_leonva_elizondojWINTER SPORTS BANQUET

On February 24, student-athletes attended the annual Winter Sports Banquet in honor of the wrestling, varsity basketball and junior varsity basketball teams.

The evening began with an address by Athletic Director MAJ Kevin Farley, who spoke about teamwork and discipline in the face of adversity.

“We have a lot to look forward to in athletics. We are just now getting to make some changes,” Farley said, referring to a season in which many of their fellow student-athletes quit their 4_bowenteams. “All of you as individuals and as teams, you didn’t let that effect you. … This will become the most memorable part of your high school life because you faced those difficulties.”


Up next was first-year wrestling coach Jonathan Bowen, who recognized assistant coach Charles Fry on his ten-year anniversary as a wrestling coach at MMA.

Bowen then presented the following awards.
Most Improved: Styles Fountain
Newcomer of the Year:  Wyatt Brewer
Team MVP: Kenneth Wescott


First-year MMA assistant coach Megan Klukowski next took the podium to present junior varsity basketball awards.

“It was fun, simply because of the guys that were on the team,” Klukowski said of the season. “A lot of our guys got to play varsity. Everybody started getting playing time.”

6_pongsueaThe Leadership Award went to Donald Williams, while the Most Improved Award went to Photsavat Pongsuea.

Klukowski gave the Most Valuable Player award to Oybek Kirkland. She said the junior was “somebody I could rely on day in and day out” and rarely missed practice.

“This person always seemed to step up, always was laughing,” Klukowski said, presenting the Team Player Award to cadet Jean-Luc Shyaka.


The final speaker of the evening was first-year head coach LT Kevin Bissmeyer, who distributed the varsity basketball awards and letters.

“You guys worked hard and got better,” Bissmeyer said of the season. “Thank you to everybody from top to bottom, everybody that made tonight possible.”

9_bissmeyer_leonvThe first award Bissmeyer presented was the Most Valuable Player award to junior Bayar-Erdene Oldokhbayar.

“He was the most consistent player from beginning to end. He was our leading scorer. He was one of our top two assisters. He was a top four rebounder,” Bissmeyer said of Oldokhbayar. “He really stepped up.”

According to Bissmeyer, Most Improved Player award winner Robert Shields was a great player from day one but made huge improvements in attitude and coachability. The junior averaged approximately 15.5 points per game for the last six games.

3.24.16_SAGE_byFosterBissmeyer next presented the Best New Boy Award to Victor Leon and the Captain’s Award to Sean Fitzgerald.

“This award is more about someone who embodies everything that we want in an MMA athlete. He was without a doubt the captain of the team. The guy who helped other players figure out their place,” Bissmeyer said. “When there were conflicts between players, he helped to de-escalate them.  He was everything we needed in practice, going hard all the time.”


The following cadets received ribbons in recognition of their efforts at the Future Business Leaders of America District Six Leadership Conference on February 19. First Award presented for commitment and diligence in district competition. Second Award presented for placing in the top five in district competition and/or competing a successive year at district level.

2.22.16_maximovitch_reynard_pongsuea_shields_thompson_mertens_byambatosgt_khatigin_cortada_fitzgerald_khanal_fletes_moriarty_liriano_elizondog_leona_violette_estrada_wangy_mejia_byECFIRST AWARD (RIBBON)
Jose Balanza
Purevsuren Bayanbaatar
Juan Cepeda
Alejandro Gastelum

Bilguun Byambatsogt
Weitao Cong
Gabriel Elizondo
Sean Fitzgerald
Francisco Fletes
Nishan Khanal
Carlos Liriano
Kyle Mertens
Kian Moriarty
3.25.16_thompson_shields_pongsuea_reynardp_mejia_fitzgerald_leona_estrada_byambatsogt_gasteluma_khanal_balanza_aliev_khatigin_cepeda_curley_wangy_cong_fletes_liriano_mertens_byECPhotsavat Pongsuea
Robert Shields
Aaron Thompson
Jared Violette
Yinzhou Wang

Alfonso Leon
Jose Mejia

Fahad Aliev
Oscar Cortada
John Curley
Chinguun Khatigin

Jose Estrada



ACADEMIC BRIEFS: Shadow Day & Dissections


On January 12, the sixth grade class spent fourth period dissecting turkey wings in LTC Willis Kleinsorge’s science classroom.

Cadets donned protective goggles and aprons and wielded scalpels and scissors, separating the skin from the bones in order to view the muscles.

Kleinsorge also indicated a coloration change from pink tissue to white, from muscle to tendon. Cadets learned to identify bones, tendons, tissues, muscles, ball and socket joints and hinge joints.

“This is a muscle bundle,” Kleinsorge said. “That’s one muscle. Is that the bicep, tricep?”

IMG_0479_boydOn March 10, sixth graders again wielded scalpels and dissected animal tissues – this time the heart, esophagus and lungs of a cow.

Students began with the heart, identifying the cardiac muscle tissue, atrium and ventricle.

“See how small it is compared to the ventricle?” Kleinsorge said of the atrium. “The ventricle is huge.”

When examining the lungs, the class reflected on what effects smoking would have on the tissue.

“[The lung] becomes really hard and black,” Kleinsorge said. “It doesn’t allow the air to pass through there.”

The dissection lab ended with a discussion of the esophagus and vocal chords. As his classmates watched, Nathan Nolan blew into a bag attached to the esophagus and inflated the lungs.

3.10.16_camou_arredondo_byFosterMIDDLE SCHOOL SHADOW DAY

Eighth grade students got a taste of high school on March 10, as they shadowed freshmen and sophomores and attended upper-level classes.

Q: Why do you think shadow day is important?

To show what high school is going to be like. Zeth Colin ‘19

To help prepare middle school students for high school. Jordan Hornick ‘20

3.10.16_huckins_hamm1_byFosterQ: How was the day?

He was quiet in most of my classes. … He just looked on as we continued class as normal. Edward Cha ‘18

I learned about high school classes. Kevyn Bruce ’20

I thought it was really fun having my brother in class with me. He’s my brother and we get along pretty well. I taught him how to play some of the instruments in the band room. It was really fun having my brother learn with me. Jackson Ford ‘18

Q: Would you do it again?
Yes. It was fun. Alain Mestre ‘20
Yes. It was pretty unique. Richard Choy ‘19
Absolutely. Jackson Ford ‘18
Yes. I learned what my brother’s day was like. Ethan Ford ‘20

Maroon Bar, Soldiers’ Bar & Fencing Arch

3.2.16_fencing2_byECFencing Arch

On February 25, six cadets received the Fencing Arch via Special Order No. 41. Cadets were recognized for: participation in the classical French Fencing Club; continual practice, including attacks on the blade and basic parries; knowledge of distance and footwork; and displaying the gentlemanly behavior required of said sport.IMG_1066_BEST

Dongyang Chen ’20
David Garza ’16
Jack Mitchell ’19
Joseph Palen ’19
Yelin Zhou ’17
Zihan Zhu ’18

Maroon Bar

On March 3, twelve cadets received the Maroon Bar via Special Order No. 44, having displayed outstanding behavior for the month of February 2016.

IMG_5676_simmons_naughtonVictor Leon
Carlos Liriano
Ngonga Mugabo
Michael Naughton
Alexander Schaaf
Damdinbazar Sumiyabazar
Aaron Thompson
Gabriel Vallejo
Yinzhou Wang
liriano_thompsonHaijunhao Yu
Sizheng Zhang
Zenghui Zhang

Soldiers’ Bar

On March 3, having displayed outstanding military courtesy, bearing, neatness, attitude and performance of duty in the month of February 2016, eleven cadets were awarded the Soldiers’ Bar via Special Order No. 43.

Davaasuren Dashdavaa
Mitchell Duing
Jordan HornickIMG_0689_violette
Jose Mejia
Luis Merino
Temuulen Nerguibaatar
Nehemiah Simmons
Damdinbazar Sumiyabazar
Gabriel Vallego
Jared Violette
Jiaxuan Zhou

2015-16 Wrestling Season Summary


The Missouri Military Academy Fighting Colonels wrestlers competed in their first tournament of the season December 5. Cadets faced 24 opposing teams and finished in 8th place, scoring 51 points.

Six of the 8 MMA wrestlers who competed placed in the top 8 of their respective brackets.

Yunil Jeon, fourth place, 126  lbs, 2-2 with two wins via pin fall
Oscar Garcia, third place, 145 lbs, 3-1 with two wins via pin fall and one via decision
Gregory Prinster, eighth place, 160 lbs, 1-4 with pin at 3:11 mark
Charles Norman, fifth place, 182 lbs, 2-2 with wins via pin
Evan Willimon, sixth place, 195 lbs, 1-3 with pin at 1:31 mark
Sky Thunderchild, sixth place, 285 lbs

IMG_1793Each competing in their first tournaments, Edward Cha went 0-4 in the 152 lbs bracket while Samuel Guo went 1-2 with a win via pin fall in the 170 lbs bracket.

The Colonels helped make history December 8, falling 53-18 against North Callaway in the school’s first-ever home match. Charles Norman (182) won a match via pin to score MMA’s 18 points.

The Colonels placed 12th out of 20 teams on December 12 at the Versailles Invitational. MMA’s highest placer was Kenneth Westcott (220) who finished second overall and won three times via pin. Styles Fountain (126) went 1-2, placing third in his weight class and winning via pin.


MMA’s wrestling Colonels fell 15-54 against Eldon on January 12 in their first match of the spring semester.

Winning their individual matches were:
Kenneth Westcott (6-0) at 220 lbs
Wyatt Brewer (6-0) at 182 lbs
Edward Cha (3-0) at 145 lbs

Missouri Military Academy faced five opposing teams January 16 at the East Union Dual Tournament in Afton, Iowa. Cadets went 1-4 and placed fifth as a team.

In round one, the Dowling Catholic JV squad defeated MMA 73-6. Winning his match and scoring six points for MMA was Charles Norman (195lb). In round two, MMA fell 12-60 versus Ogden. Gregory Prinster (152lb) gave a notable performance, defeating his opponent and earning 6 points for the team. In round three, MMA fell 18-54 versus East Union. Prinster again defeated his opponent, as did Kenneth Westcott (220lb). In round four, MMA fell 54-30 against the Prairie City Monroe JV squad, with Styles Fountain (126lb) winning his match.

IMG_7461_brewer_bestThe Colonels triumphed in round five, defeating Coon Rapids-Bayard by 36-30.

On January 23, MMA competed at the Hickman Varsity Invite 2016 against teams from 12 opposing schools. Francisco Siller (220 lb) placed seventh and Styles Fountain (126 lb) placed ninth, scoring 3 team points and winning by decision over his Rock Bridge opponent.

On January 30, MMA wrestlers competed against 15 opposing schools in the Warrensburg Invitational, placing 12th overall with a total of 34 points.

Styles Fountain placed 3rd in the 126lb bracket, scoring 13 team points and going 2-3. Gregory Prinster placed 7th in the 152lb bracket, scoring 7 team points and going 2-3. Wyatt Brewer placed 7th in the 182lb bracket, scoring 4 team points and going 1-4. Francisco Siller placed 4th in the 195B bracket, earning 4 team points and going 0-3. Kenneth Westcott placed 6th in the 220lb category, scoring 5 team points and going 1-3. Sky Thunderchild placed 8th in the 285lb bracket, scoring 1 team point and going 0-4.


Six Missouri Military Academy wrestlers faced Moberly on February 4 in the Centennial Gymtorium, scoring 6 team points to Moberly’s 78. The evening’s highlight was the 220lb weight class division: Kenneth Westcott’s victory over his Moberly opponent by fall at 3:50.

WESTCOTT: When I won last night it felt pretty amazing.  That’s one reason why I love wrestling you can be down in points come back and get the pin and win. Honestly after I pinned him, I was like wow. I really loved the core coming to support us that was amazing, how loud they got after the pin and right before it was unbelievable. When that moment happened in my head I just embraced it and let everyone congratulate me but later that night I thought to myself this is a moment I will remember the rest of my life.

“In the short time that I have been at Missouri Military Academy, I have never seen the fan support for your fellow athletes that I witnessed last night! It was outstanding!” Farley said in an e-mail to the Corps. “Westcott won his match last night because of your support. It was noisy. It was loud. It was awesome!”

IMG_0466_garciaOThe Colonels competed against 19 teams February 6 in the Albany Invitational, placing eighth overall.

Styles Fountain placed second in the 126lb weight class, winning by fall over his Albany and Stanberry opponents and scoring 14 team points. Gregory Prinster placed 7th in the 152lb weight class, winning by fall over his Smithville and North Andrew opponents and scoring 6 team points. Charles Norman placed third in the 195lb weight class, winning by fall over his Tarkio and Stanberry opponents and scoring 11 team points. Kenneth Westcott placed 5th in the 220lb weight class, winning by fall over his Albany JV and Penney JV opponents and scoring 11 team points.


On February 12 and 13, the MMA wrestling squad competed at the MSHSAA Class 1, District 2 wrestling tournament, tying for 14th place overall. Fountain won by decision over North Callaway and via fall over Centralia. Westcott won against Versailles and Seneca via pin, finishing fourth overall and advancing to state competition.

“He has definitely worked hard to achieve his goals this year,” Farley said. “It is my hope that Westcott’s accomplishment will show his fellow cadets that not giving up on your goals, believing in yourself and hard work can lead to great things. We can blame others all day long for not achieving success, but if a person continues to believe and work, success will be achieved.”

On February 19, Westcott competed at the state wrestling tournament in the 220lb bracket.

Westcott fell to his Brookfield opponent in round one but bounced back with a win via pin fall over his Brentwood opponent in his second match. Westcott wrestled his final match of the season when he was defeated by his Blair Oaks opponent. Westcott finished the season with an 18-14 record.

Cadets also assisted in the Introduction to Olympic Styles of Wrestling Camp which was held February 22 to 25.

“The goal of the camp is to help prepare the wrestlers in the mid-Missouri area make the transition from folkstyle to freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling,” Bowen said.

2015-16 Basketball Season Summary


The Fighting Colonels fell to St. James High School by 64-31 on November 30 during the first round of the Sullivan FCNB Bank-It Championship.

The score was close in the first quarter, with MMA behind 10 to 9, but the Colonels eventually fell behind.

“I believe this team has potential to do some surprising things,” head coach Kevin Bissmeyer said. “We are showing tenacity on the court and a willingness to sacrifice and do things the right way for the team. … Although we came up short this time we will keep pounding the rock; eventually it will all come together.”

IMG_0510_best_shields_fitzgeraldBilguun Byambatsogt ’16 led the MMA scorers with 9 points. Robert Shields ’17 and Jose Elizondo ’18 each contributed 7 points.

The Fighting Colonels returned to the Bank-It Championship on December 1, ultimately falling 88-28 to Park Hills High School. Cadets wrapped up their championship run December 4 with a 56-22 loss to Potosi.


The varsity Colonels fell 71-42 to Owensville in their home opener December 7. Junior Bayar-Erdene Oldokhbayar contributed 17 points and two rebounds. Elizondo finished with 9 points and 3 rebounds. Sean Fitzgerald ’17 and Shields scored six points apiece. The MMA junior varsity team fell to the Dutchmen by 43-26.

IMG_0531_huddle_bissmeyer_oldokhbayar_byambatsogt_fitzgeraldCadets next faced Wright City on December 10, ultimately falling 60-56 in a closely contested match. In the final minute of the varsity game, MMA lessened Wright City’s lead from 10 points to 4 points.

“We are starting to build something,” Bissmeyer said. “The team is getting better at doing the little things the right way. … If we can make a couple small adjustments, with the effort these cadets have been putting in, winning will eventually take care of itself.”

The junior varsity team fell to Wright City 36-29. Notable performers were: Oldokhbayar with 14 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds; Byambatsogt with 12 points and 4 rebounds; and Fitzgerald with 9 points, 4 rebounds and a block.

Cadets earned their first win of the season 66-56 over the Silex Owls in the Centennial Gymtorium on December 15. The score sat at 34-25 at the half and the Colonels continued to win, up by 16 points in the third quarter. Silex took the game to within 8 points late in the fourth quarter, but MMA proved victorious.

IMG_9107_shields_best“It was a hard fought game with several early lead changes, but MMA was able to pull away,” Bissmeyer said. “The MMA players stayed disciplined.”

Oldokbayar boasted a triple-double with 14 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. Elizondo contributed 13 rebounds, 14 points and two blocks. Shields had 9 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds while Victor Armando Leon ’18 made 13 points, 5 rebounds and two blocks.

The junior varsity Colonels defeated Silex by 45-16.

“The JV team took advantage of their height in this game,” Bissmeyer said. “MMA played fast, rebounded well and stayed out of foul trouble which allowed them to pull away as the game progressed.”

IMG_0959_bestTop JV performers were: Julien Mugabo ’17 with 8 points, 6 blocks, 5 rebounds and 3 assists; Jean-Luc Shyaka ’17 with 9 points, 5 rebounds and a block; and Leon with 6 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks.

The varsity Colonels next faced Higbee, falling 52-44 on December 17 in the Centennial Gymtorium. Cadets took a 7-0 lead at the start but fell behind in the second quarter. Higbee’s lead grew as high as 20 points ahead, but MMA fought back and narrowed the gap to 6 points with just over two minutes left in the game. MMA’s record sat at 1-3 going into the holiday break.

Oldokhbayar contributed 10 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists; Jose Estrada ’16 had 13 points and 8 rebounds.

“We did a good job of getting good shots – they just weren’t falling. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes your shots just don’t fall and the other team’s do,” Bissmeyer said. “The boys showed a lot of heart on the court the last few games. … If we are able to come together as a team and fix the little things after our holiday break, these boys have the potential to do some really good things!”

17_chinguun_altangerel_fitzgerald_BESTThough varsity fell, the junior varsity squad proved triumphant 56-25 and entered the holiday break with a 2-2 record.

Cadets notched nine three-pointers total. Oybek Kirkland ’16 led the team with 19 points, 4 rebounds and an assist; Leon, Mugabo and Yinzhou Wang ’17 together combined for six blocks.

“[Our] shooting tonight was outstanding,” Bissmeyer said. “The boys are doing a great job of getting to their spots and taking confident shots when the opportunity presents itself.”


The MMA basketball Colonels faced New Bloomfield in the first round of the South Callaway Tournament on January 12, falling 49-77. According to head coach Bissmeyer, cadets “played well in spurts” and narrowed the score to as close as 21-24 but were unable to sustain their efforts. Estrada  led the team with 13 points. Byambatsogt contributed 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

IMG_0557_knipfer_intramural_BESTMMA’s young team experienced growing paints during the South Callaway Tournament, finishing 0-3 overall.

“The boys need to find ways to dig down deep and continue competing even after they go down by a few baskets,” head coach Bissmeyer said.

MMA fell first to state contender New Bloomfield by 77-49. Leading scorers were Estrada with 13 points, Byambatsogt with 10 points and Leon with 7 points.

The Colonels fell January 14 to New Haven by 41-26, shorthanded with several players sitting out. In the final game of the tournament on January 15, MMA fell 60-42 against North Callaway.

“The talent is here and the effort is there, but the leadership, the winning expectation and the teamwork need to catch up right now,” Bissmeyer said.

IMG_9073_mugabo_BESTThe varsity basketball team fell 43-64 and the JV team lost 32-34 versus Wellsville-Middleton R-1 on January 22 in the Centennial Gymtorium.


Cadets faced New Bloomfield on February 2, falling 30-78.

The following day, they played North Callaway for the second time this season. This time cadets proved victorious 44-42 on their home court. The game marked the first time in history in which MMA’s varsity basketball team defeated the Thunderbirds.

With just 4.9 seconds remaining in the game, with the Colonels trailing by one point, Oldokhbayar cut through the defense to score a layup with just 4 seconds remaining on the clock. After MMA hit a free throw to put the Colonels up by two, North Callaway proceeded to miss two free throws of their own. Time ran out with the Colonels earning their second victory of the season.

IMG_9096_chinguun_best“The game went back and forth with both teams playing well,” Bissmeyer said. “The improvement from two weeks ago to tonight has been tremendous. The cadets are working hard every day in practice and becoming better teammates. Their defense is improving every contest and players are learning how to work within their roles to help the team succeed.”

Oldokhbayar led the Colonels with 19 points, 11 steals, one rebound and one assist. Shields contributed 10 points, two rebounds, two steals and an assist. Fitzgerald added six points, 11 rebounds, two assists and one steal. Elizondo finished with four points and three rebounds. Freshman Nyamkhuu Chinguun added three points and five rebounds. Leon added six rebounds, three blocked shots and two points.

The JV team lost 48-33 to the Thunderbirds. Top performers included: Shyaka with 9 points and 4 rebounds; and Donald Williams ’18 with 6 points, 4 rebounds and a steal.

MMA’s varsity basketball team led by 15 points at halftime but ultimately fell 57-51 versus Calvary Lutheran on February 5.

“The boys came out playing well but lost focus in the second half,” Bissmeyer said. “We are doing things well enough to stay close in most games, but we have to play more consistently if we want to win.”

IMG_9681_oldokhbayarTop performers were: Shields with 12 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals; Oldokhbayar with 10 points, 3 rebounds and 4 steals; Leon with 10 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks; Elizondo with 9 points, 10 rebounds and one block; and Fitzgerald with 8 points, 3 rebounds and one steal.

The JV team fell 46-40. Top scorers were: Williams with 14 points and 4 steals; Kirkland with 12 points, 2 rebounds and 3 steals; and Mig Gisa with 2 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 steals.


The MMA Colonels faced off against Clark County in district play on February 23, falling 71-38 in their final match of the season. MMA totaled 8 steals, 9 blocks and 7 turnovers as a team, shooting 31.9% from the floor.

IMG_1229_fitzgeraldOldokhbayar led the scorers with 17 points, one rebound and one steal. Fitzgerald contributed 12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and a block. Elizondo notched 4 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 blocks and 2 steals. Shields added 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 block, while Leon contributed 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 blocked shots.

“We had one of our best defensive showings of the season,” Bissmeyer said. “They made really difficult shots.”

LCDR Eric Greitens to receive 2016 Gen. Cates “I Will Hold Award”

WebHeaderEG speaker photo. colorMMA is proud to announce that LCDR Eric Greitens of St. Louis, a best-selling author, Navy SEAL and humanitarian, will be the 2016 recipient of the Gen. Clifton B. Cates “I Will Hold” Award for Leadership.

LCDR Eric Greitens, USNR, is a Navy SEAL and combat veteran who served four tours of duty overseas, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. After coming home, he founded The Mission Continues, a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans get back on their feet and give back to their communities. He has authored several best-selling books, including The Heart and the Fist, and Resilience. He is currently hoping to apply his leadership skills to Missouri government and has announced a bid for the Missouri governorship.

In 2014, Fortune Magazine named Greitens one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” Born and raised in Missouri, Greitens attended Missouri public schools, earned a scholarship to college, and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar. He has a black belt in Taekwondo, is a marathon runner and boxing champion.

“LCDR Greitens represents all that we teach here at MMA, and what we try to inspire out of our boys through a 360 Degree Education,” said MMA President Tony McGeorge. “His message of selfless leadership, service, and the pursuit of physical health and academic excellence will resonate with our young men.”

ballroomThe award is named for Gen. Clifton B. Cates, who attended MMA and graduated in 1910. Cates was an honor student and four-letter athlete. As a college student at the University of Tennessee, he joined the United States Marine Corps during World War I. Cates led a distinguished military career, serving through several major conflicts, including World War I, World War II and the Korean War. He eventually became the 19th Commandant of the Marine Corps and is well known as the man who fought Congress to save the U.S. Marine Corps from possible extinction in 1951, paving the way for the USMC’s growth and prosperity.

One of his most honorable moments, came earlier in his career, during World War I. In July 1918, Cates was in France leading a platoon within the 96th Company, when it was attacked -killing most of the company, including the commander. Cates took over temporary command, and while wounded in the leg and shoulder, he scribbled a note to the Battalion Commander, which read: “I have only two men left out of my company and 20 out of other companies. We need support but it is almost suicidal to try to get here as we are swept by machine gun fire and a constant artillery barrage is upon us. I have no one on my left, and only a few on my right. I will hold.”

ballroom1The Gen. Clifton B. Cates, class of 1910 “I Will Hold” Award was established in 2014 in commemoration of the Academy’s 125th anniversary. Two-time governor and four-time United States Senator Christopher S. “Kit” Bond was the 2015 recipient, and Gary Pinkel, former head coach of the University of Missouri Tiger football team was the inaugural honoree in 2014.

The award is annually presented at MMA’s annual Maroon and Gold gala in St. Louis. This year’s event will be held on April 2 in the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza. Cadets, parents, alumni and friends of the Academy are invited to attend. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. with a cocktail hour, and dinner will be held at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at

Missouri Military Academy FBLA

2.22.16_maximovitch_reynard_pongsuea_shields_thompson_mertens_byambatosgt_khatigin_cortada_fitzgerald_khanal_fletes_moriarty_liriano_elizondog_leona_violette_estrada_wangy_mejia_byECSTATE COMPETITION

Sixteen students competed April 25 at the Future Business Leaders of America State Leadership Conference in Springfield, MO. The chapter qualified to compete a nationals in four events.

“We had a great time and had wonderful results,” FBLA sponsor MAJ Peggy Reynard said. “I am very proud of our FBLA team!”

Francisco Fletes: Public Speaking I, second place

John Curley: Public Speaking II, second place

Nishan Khanal, Kyle Mertens, Jared Violette: Global Business, second place

Jared Violette, Jose Estrada and Oscar Cortada: Marketing, third place


groupThe Missouri Military Academy Future Business Leaders of America chapter competed at the District Leadership Conference on February 19 in Moberly, Missouri.

First Place:
Aaron Thompson — Cybersecurity.
Francisco Fletes — Public Speaking I.
John Curley — Public Speaking II.
Nishan Khanal, Kyle Mertens, Jared Violette — Global Business.
Oscar Cortada, Jose Estrada, Jared Violette — Marketing.
All Advancing to State.

Second Place:
Sean Fitzgerald, Photsavat Pongsuea, Robert Shields — Business Ethics.
Jared Violette — Economics. Advancing to State.
John Curley — Future Business Leader. Advancing to State.
Nishan Khanal, Kyle Mertens, Kian Moriarty — Management Decision Making. Advancing to State.
Fahad Aliev, Bilguun Byambatsogt, Oscar Cortada — Hospitality Management.
Gabriel Elizondo — Securities and Investments. Advancing to State.

Third Place:
Gabriel Elizondo — Social Media Campaign and Client Service.
Alfonso Leon — Accounting II. Advancing to State.
Francisco Fletes — Introduction to Business. Advancing to State.
Jose Mejia — Securities and Investments. Advancing to State.

9.28.15_FBLA_aliev_reynard_estradaJ_byECFourth Place:
Weitao Cong — Securities and Investments. Advancing to State.
Chinguun Khatigin — Economics. Advancing to State.
Jose Estrada — Impromptu Speaking.

Fifth Place:
Carlos Liriano, Aaron Thompson — Entrepreneurship.
Weitao Cong, Yinzhou Wang — Public Service Announcement.

Sixth Place:
Juan Cepeda — Introduction to Business Procedures. Advancing to State.

Cadets Take the Lead for Maroon & Gold!

listofteamsIn early February, the MMA Development office kicked off a cadet fundraising challenge to raise sponsorships and donations for Maroon and Gold 2016. The program, which is led by the Parents Committee and Annual Fund director Cassandra Brooks, offered a fun competition and incentives.

Eleven teams of cadets – mixed up throughout the companies – vied to raise the most funds for Maroon and Gold, which supports the Academy’s overall program needs.

February 18: During noon mess, cadet Carlos Liriano ’18 received a gift card in the raffle drawing, while Alain Mestre ’20 received a gift card for writing the most thank you letters. As of noon mess, cadets had raised approximately $7,100 in only two days. That evening, Team Silva-Linings used their computers and phones to solicit donations, sending messages to people all over the world. Cadets raised $1,000 within minutes!

IMG_9087At Team First Forte’s meeting February 18, captain Francisco Fletes ’18 said he feels the fundraiser is his first “real marketing job.”

“We are all working together to make this campus better,” Fletes said.

February 19: Cadets have raised more than $10,000 as of noon mess. The showerhead contest standings thus far are as follows: First Place: Echo Company. Second Place: Bravo Company. Third Place: Band Company. Fourth Place: Delta Company. Fifth Place: Charlie Company.

2.18.16_Liriano_Brooks_ECFebruary 22: Total raised: $18,395. Band Company is leading the showerhead competition, followed by Bravo in second and Echo in third. The team closest to having 100 percent of team members raising $250 or more — the prize for which is a pizza party — is Team Maroon & Cadets.

February 23: As of noon mess, cadets have raised a total of $23,345.50 in just one week. Band Company remains in first place in the showerhead competition, followed by Bravo in second and Delta in third. Garrett Stafford was chosen as the raffle winner while Jon Snyder of Team We Will Hold earned a “Genius Idea” prize. Snyder designed a team marketing and fundraising poster that he and his teammates will send to possible donors.

IMG_9435February 26: Cadets have raised $29,225.50 thus far and will continue to seek donations until Tuesday. Team Magnus has stolen the lead in the day trip prize contest from Team We Will Hold, who has held the lead since the competition began. Bravo Company remains in the lead for the showerhead competition. Grand prizes — an $1,000 Amazon gift card, an Apple Watch, a GoPro HERO4 and an Alienware gaming laptop — will be selected via raffle on noon mess Wednesday.

March 2: On the final day of the competition, raffle winners were announced at noon mess. Cadets raised a total of $31,955.50. Bravo Company won the deluxe showerheads, which were installed March 16.

$1000 Amazon Gift Card – Gabriel Perez ‘18
Alienware Gaming Laptop – Russell Holman ‘16
GoPro HER04 – Robert Moore ‘16
Apple Watch – Hector Chapa Gonzalez ‘16

2.18.16_MostThankYouLetters_Mestre_ECABOUT MAROON & GOLD

Since its inception circa 2005, the Annual Maroon and Gold Event has become Missouri Military Academy’s premier fundraising event.   The Maroon and Gold Event will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 in the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis.  Over the past five years this gala event has doubled in attendance numbers and has raised over $100,000 for improved Academy programs, equipment and cadet life initiatives.

The event annually features the presentation of the Gen. Clifton B. Cates, MMA class of 1910 “I Will Hold” Award for Leadership, which recognizes exceptional leaders who have demonstrated determination, steadfastness and perseverance through times of challenge.

The 2016 “I Will Hold” award recipient is LCDR Eric Greitens, former Navy SEAL and combat veteran who served four tours of duty overseas, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. After coming home, he founded The Mission Continues, a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans get back on their feet and give back to their communities. In 2014, Fortune Magazine named Eric one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” Born and raised in Missouri, Eric attended Missouri public schools, earned a scholarship to college, and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar. He has a black belt in 2.19.16_Mulvey_byECTaekwondo and is an author, marathon runner, and boxing champion.

Those interested in sponsoring the event can contact Kevin Quinn, MMA’s director of development, at; or 573-581-1776 Ext 230. Donors can direct their sponsorship to a particular team or company total.

All alumni and friends of MMA are invited to attend the event. Ticket information can be found on the MMA website:

Valentine Weekend Highlights


Eight cadets and two staffers joined 160 fellow participants and took the Mexico Polar Plunge on February 13 at Plunkett Park.

“A group of cadets took on the challenge of plunging into a cold lake during freezing temperatures,” Jonathan James ’16 said.

12711282_1692471871034231_4954453163730649556_oKiwanis Lake was frozen over except for a small chunk cut out for the Plunge. The temperature high during the Plunge was 22 degrees.
MMA donated $500, which contributed to the weekend’s total donations of $24,000 toward Special Olympics Missouri. SOMO provides a year-round program of sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Because I love doing charity fundraisers. JONATHAN JAMES ‘16
I took the Polar Plunge because it was for a good cause. JEREMY ELKINS ‘17

12698395_1692471391034279_7404412611269964716_oHOW DID THE WATER FEEL?
The water was so cold that it stung you. It was a rush of cold that went through your body. JONATHAN JAMES ‘16
The water was definitely below freezing. … After I got out, I couldn’t feel my feet for an hour so it must have been really cold. My whole body went numb after I dunked my head. NOAH WEBSTER ‘18
I think the water was like 1,000,000 degrees below zero. It felt like my whole body was going to freeze! My hair froze and I couldn’t feel my feet or my hands for almost an hour. JEREMY ELKINS ‘17

Yes. It was a lot of fun and we overcame our fears. JONATHAN JAMES ‘16
I might do it again if I get the option to. JEREMY ELKINS ‘17

IMG_1592_hacker_albertsenUKULELE DUO

At the Valentine Ball on February 13, amateur ukulele enthusiasts and MMA sophomores Otto Albertsen and Noah Hacker entertained cadets, staffers and their families with love songs “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “You and I.”


I first attempted to play the ukulele last year, when a friend lent me his for me to try and play a song I had heard. Winter break 2014 came around and I began teaching myself the acoustic guitar. After falling in love with the instrument, I decided I wanted something a little more portable and easy to take with me anywhere I go. I received a new Córdoba over the 2015 winter break and I have instinctively played it every day since. OTTO ALBERTSEN ’18

I’ve played ukulele for only two months now. My parents got me a ukulele of Christmas for a present and I immediately fell in love with it. I’m basically in love with the sound and style of the ukulele — its tropical, cute and happy tone. NOAH HACKER ‘18


The song I played was called “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” I heard the original by Elvis Presley far before I even picked up a ukulele. I always enjoyed the song but it wasn’t until I heard a cover by my favorite band that I decided I wanted to learn it. OTTO ALBERTSEN ’18

The ukulele song I played was called “You and I.” My mother and I used to listen to the song when I was young. But after years rolled by, I forgot the song existed. I remember hearing the song again on a commercial. It basically was memory lane with the song, so I decided this was the perfect song to play for the dance. NOAH HACKER ‘18

Playing for the Valentines Ball was a good experience, considering it was the first time I had played the uke in front of an audience. I was very nervous leading up to the performance, but
when I stood millimeters away from the mic, I kind of forgot I was even playing. OTTO ALBERTSEN ‘18

IMG_1590_albertsenI felt very nervous at first going up on the stage. I was afraid of people judging me on how I played. But I just decided I’m not going to allow someone’s opinion to affect the things I love the most. I want to motivate people to be themselves for what they love and what they enjoy without people judging them and affecting them. We can’t let people how they think of us effect who we are. NOAH HACKER ‘18 

All kinds of music are my favorite. NOAH HACKER ‘18