Snider and Cha named 2016 Duke of York Fellows

SNIDERBIn early May, the 2016 Duke of York Fellows were announced: sophomore Edward Cha of Busan, South Korea, and junior Benjamin Snider-Bilbrey of Corona Del Mar, California.

Each school year, MMA cadets have the opportunity to apply to the Dukeo of York Royal Military School Fellows program and represent MMA at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover, Kent, England for a semester.

CHASnider-Bilbrey is the Echo first floor platoon sergeant, an MMA ambassador, a member of the MMA Delta Phi honor society, a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award winner, a member of the chess club and captain of the lacrosse team. Cha is a recipient of the Soldier’s bar, an assistant platoon sergeant and a member of the MMA soccer and wrestling teams.

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DSCN8045_sniderbWhat inspired you to apply?

I thought the program was something very different than most other study abroad programs and the more I looked into the DoY school, the more I wanted to go there. SNIDER

My aspirations to join the armed forces or hopefully get into a service academy. CHA

What was the selection process like?

chaWe all had to meet certain requirements to even be eligible, and if we met those requirements we submitted a resume and an essay about why we wanted to go and why we should be selected. After those were in, we had to interview with many of the faculty here at MMA and they decided who the best candidates were. SNIDER

The selection process was tough. You can’t even apply if you do not have a GPA above a 3.25. But it didn’t end there. The board then interviewed me based on my essay about why I should be selected. CHA

IMG_0876_chaHow do you feel now that you have been selected?
What are you most looking forward to?

I was very exited when I found out I was selected and I am really just looking forward to it all. SNIDER

Now that I have been selected, I am most excited to experience and overcome the adversity that I will face given their rigorous courses. CHA

What do you hope to learn and experience on this trip?

I really just want to be open-minded on this trip and absorb as much as I can while I am there. SNIDER

I hope to learn how to lead proficiently and gain more knowledge about the military. CHA