Spring Community Service Day: April 12

mertens_jonesm_courtReynardPOn April 12, cadets were divided up by LET classes and visited four locations in mid-Missouri to help the community.

Ninety LET I students visited a soup kitchen in Columbia while 15 seniors in LET IV volunteered with the Angel Wings program.

“Angel Wings is a non-profit organization that gives away free clothing and toys to foster kids who do not have anything,” senior Jon Snyder said.

Snyder and several of his fellow LET IV classmates sorted and packaged hygiene items including shampoo, conditioner, soap, floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion and loofahs.

Other LET IV students spent their day at the Angel Wings store helping box up winter inventory and sort and hang summer clothing.

All too often, children in foster care are subjected to constant home changes until they either grow too old for the system or are adopted by a family. These constant moves typically leave these kids with little to no clothes. To make it easier on the children and foster parents, Angel Wings provides a large selection of free clothes for all seasons. Robert Moore ’16

westcott1Sixty LET II students traveled to Mexico’s Presser Hall Performing Arts Center. Some helped move materials from past productions, such as a large stained glass backdrop, to storage. Others painted walls; moved furniture; mopped and swept the floors; cleaned and vacuumed theater seats; built a fake flower decoration for the local Steel Magnolias production; and helped pull weeds from the lawn.

Across town, thirty LET III students cleaned up trash and planted approximately 450 redbud and sumac trees at the A. P. Green Estates.

12_babak_mejia_gracia_padillarene_gonzalezm_fariaso_leona“During this project, I learned that a single tree can provide seven people with oxygen for a whole lifetime,” senior Jesus Gracia said. “Planting 500 trees will benefit many people.”
According to junior Aaron Thompson, the trees will help combat soil erosion caused by a nearby creek.

“I learned how to plant a tree, which isn’t as simple as digging a hole and putting a tree in,” Gregory Prinster ’17 said. “We had to work together in order to carry the equipment and to plant the seedlings in the most efficient way.”


While his fellow cadets traveled to Columbia and Mexico on April 12 for Community Service Day, cadet Charles Norman departed for the state capitol in Jefferson City on his own journey — the Sophomore Pilgrimage.

Norman, a St. Louis native, attended the 82nd annual General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Missouri Sophomore Pilgrimage, which takes place on the second Tuesday in April. The program, which included approximately 300 students in its 2016 event, was created in 1934 to promote good citizenship and enable students to see state government in action.

This is not Norman’s first time at the state capitol. “I’ve been to Youth in Government multiple times now, where we spend a weekend at the capitol and learn about Parliamentary Procedure,” Norman said. “I am very interested in anything involving the state government.”

Norman is a member of the varsity wrestling and football teams, a trumpeter in the MMA Band, the sophomore class vice president and a member of the Boy Scouts of America.