ACADEMIC BRIEFS: MAJ Reynard’s International Business

elizondogOn April 7 and 8, small groups of cadets in MAJ Peggy Reynard’s first and seventh period International Business classes presented their business concepts. Each group discussed the location, start-up costs, cash flow, information needs and expenses of their ventures.

Edward Cha and Jared Violette distributed business cards for their company EJ’s Ultimate Fitness, a professional training facility with gym locations across the world. The duo detailed a plan to air commercials for their business during boxing television programs and pursue sponsorships with companies such as Nike, Everlast and Fitbit.

mertens_byJamesA pitch by Carlos Liriano and Yinzhou Wang described a company called Hope’s Consulting, which would help the public prepare for, communicate about and recover from natural disasters.

ARVM Customizations, a luxury car company presented by Adrian Villarreal and Rodrigo Maceda, would import paint, rims, carbon fiber and steel in order to export customized vehicles across the world.

chaGabriel Elizondo and Photsavat Pongsuea presented HydraPure, a business which would be located in Switzerland and would package and provide premium quality bottled water. The partners estimated start-up costs of $750,000 and cash paid out after the first year at approximately $1,081,000.

Seniors Kyle Mertens and Nishan Khanal proposed a food service business called Gandalf’s Pizza.