CPT Olive’s cadets create unique Arthurian Legends board games

GRACIA2Second semester midterm exams were held during the last week of March. Though some teachers chose to administer traditional exams, CPT Robert Olive assigned a different task to his Arthurian Legends class – create your own working board game based on The Once and Future King.

Olive supplied small groups of students with blank boards, pieces, glue, scissors and empty cardboard boxes to create their games. On March 29 during the midterm exam period, he circled the classroom and awarded points as students played their board games.

Project partners Jesus Gracia, Rodrigo Garza Navarro, Jared Violette and Fahad Aliev created a game entitled, “The Arthurian Quest!” Each turn began with the rolling two dice. If players rolled doubles, they drew a “Double” card – if not, they drew a “Legend” card. Double cards gave special instructions, such as “Continue to the Mythical Forest” and “Merlin gives you advice – roll again.”  Legend cards posed questions about the novel, such as “How do Sir Grummore and Sir Palomides try to cure King Pellinore’s broken heart?”

HOLMAN_ESTRADA_HANNAGAN_GONZALEZE3Alexander Seibert, Hector Chapa, Wyatt Smith and Emran Babak named their creation “The Game of Arthurian Legends.” The game included “Legend” trivia cards – players who failed to answer their Legend question correctly lost their next turn – as well as “War” cards. When a player lands on a red “War” space, they must answer trivia questions back and forth with an opposing player. The first player who gets a question wrong moves back ten spaces.

Russell Holman, Sean Hannagan, Eduardo Gonzalez and Jose Estrada also created a game called “The Arthurian Quest.” In this version, the game is complete when the winner pulls a miniature, cardboard sword out of a small clay stone. Cadets also included power up spaces where players “transformed” into squirrel, fish or owl and moved forward extra spaces.