SPORTS BRIEFS: Tennis, Raiders & Lifeguards


As of April 2016, the following students have earned their Red Cross Lifeguard Certification at Missouri Military Academy. Requirements for the two-year Red Cross Life Guard Qualification included included a CPR/AED course, a 300-meter swim, a brick test and a two-minute endurance test in which students treaded water without their hands.

IMG_9686_willimonFahad Aliev
Weitao Cong
Oscar Cortada
John Curley
Aeron Lee
Jacob McMahon
Justtin Muilenburg
Juan Diego Silva Zuniga
Aaron Thompson
Evan Willimon

curley1The class was tough. What made it hard, though, were the long hours in the classroom with intermittent pool exercises. The hardest part was the final assessment, which included 2 tests and 3 live scenarios, all of which we had to perfect. … The majority of failures were for small mistakes — missing a few questions on the test or forgetting a certain procedure in the water, like giving detailed instructions to civilians, for example. I do not take the life of another lightly. I constantly think about the possibility of being in danger, and if I would feel confident in the abilities of the lifeguard present. JOHN CURLEY ’16


3.2.16_ChenYL_Eisenmann_zhangz_zhangs_eckardt_cepeda_zhouj_russell_schaaf_jin_wangy_lou_cong_ashton_webster_mitchell_choy_biddle_byEC1Eight members of the MMA Raiders team (Jason Russell, Kian Moriarty, Purevsuren Bayanbaatar, Charles Eckardt, Juan Cepeda, Ernesto Melgar, Zenghui Zhang and Victor Arturo Leon) competed April 2 at the Waynesville’s Raider Meet at Fort Leonard Wood.  The Colonels placed fourth overall of 12 teams, taking home first place in the 10k road march event with a time of 1 hour, 13 minutes.

IMG_4210“This event was actually 11.4K over very rough and hilly terrain,” Raider sponsor 1SG John Biddle said.

Cadets also took fourth place in the physical fitness test and fourth place in the one-rope bridge event, missing third place by only 20 seconds.

Judges of the six events included active duty drill sergeants, sapper soldiers and officers.


On April 1, the Colonels faced Helias Catholic High School at Washington Park Courts in Jefferson City. Cadets were IMG_1753_shields_bestdefeated 7-0 in a match cut short due to rain.

“The cadets did their best against a very good team from Helias Catholic,” Head Coach MAJ Mike Pemberton said. “Even though it was a tough match, the cadets kept battling and never quit. Overall, I was proud of their effort and hustle.”

On April 5, the Missouri Military Academy tennis team was defeated 1-7 by Fulton High School on the MMA courts. Ethan Istas defeated his Fulton opponent 10-2 in singles play. In exhibition doubles, Tyler Jansing and Ricardo Maceda won 6-6 (9-7).

“Even though we lost the match, I thought we came out and played pretty good tennis,” Head Coach MAJ Mike Pemberton said. “As a team, we are learning from our mistakes and showing signs of improvement.”