Winter Sports Banquet & FBLA bars

basketball_bissmeyer_fitzgerald_oldokhbayar_shields_chinguun_byambatsogt_leonva_elizondojWINTER SPORTS BANQUET

On February 24, student-athletes attended the annual Winter Sports Banquet in honor of the wrestling, varsity basketball and junior varsity basketball teams.

The evening began with an address by Athletic Director MAJ Kevin Farley, who spoke about teamwork and discipline in the face of adversity.

“We have a lot to look forward to in athletics. We are just now getting to make some changes,” Farley said, referring to a season in which many of their fellow student-athletes quit their 4_bowenteams. “All of you as individuals and as teams, you didn’t let that effect you. … This will become the most memorable part of your high school life because you faced those difficulties.”


Up next was first-year wrestling coach Jonathan Bowen, who recognized assistant coach Charles Fry on his ten-year anniversary as a wrestling coach at MMA.

Bowen then presented the following awards.
Most Improved: Styles Fountain
Newcomer of the Year:  Wyatt Brewer
Team MVP: Kenneth Wescott


First-year MMA assistant coach Megan Klukowski next took the podium to present junior varsity basketball awards.

“It was fun, simply because of the guys that were on the team,” Klukowski said of the season. “A lot of our guys got to play varsity. Everybody started getting playing time.”

6_pongsueaThe Leadership Award went to Donald Williams, while the Most Improved Award went to Photsavat Pongsuea.

Klukowski gave the Most Valuable Player award to Oybek Kirkland. She said the junior was “somebody I could rely on day in and day out” and rarely missed practice.

“This person always seemed to step up, always was laughing,” Klukowski said, presenting the Team Player Award to cadet Jean-Luc Shyaka.


The final speaker of the evening was first-year head coach LT Kevin Bissmeyer, who distributed the varsity basketball awards and letters.

“You guys worked hard and got better,” Bissmeyer said of the season. “Thank you to everybody from top to bottom, everybody that made tonight possible.”

9_bissmeyer_leonvThe first award Bissmeyer presented was the Most Valuable Player award to junior Bayar-Erdene Oldokhbayar.

“He was the most consistent player from beginning to end. He was our leading scorer. He was one of our top two assisters. He was a top four rebounder,” Bissmeyer said of Oldokhbayar. “He really stepped up.”

According to Bissmeyer, Most Improved Player award winner Robert Shields was a great player from day one but made huge improvements in attitude and coachability. The junior averaged approximately 15.5 points per game for the last six games.

3.24.16_SAGE_byFosterBissmeyer next presented the Best New Boy Award to Victor Leon and the Captain’s Award to Sean Fitzgerald.

“This award is more about someone who embodies everything that we want in an MMA athlete. He was without a doubt the captain of the team. The guy who helped other players figure out their place,” Bissmeyer said. “When there were conflicts between players, he helped to de-escalate them.  He was everything we needed in practice, going hard all the time.”


The following cadets received ribbons in recognition of their efforts at the Future Business Leaders of America District Six Leadership Conference on February 19. First Award presented for commitment and diligence in district competition. Second Award presented for placing in the top five in district competition and/or competing a successive year at district level.

2.22.16_maximovitch_reynard_pongsuea_shields_thompson_mertens_byambatosgt_khatigin_cortada_fitzgerald_khanal_fletes_moriarty_liriano_elizondog_leona_violette_estrada_wangy_mejia_byECFIRST AWARD (RIBBON)
Jose Balanza
Purevsuren Bayanbaatar
Juan Cepeda
Alejandro Gastelum

Bilguun Byambatsogt
Weitao Cong
Gabriel Elizondo
Sean Fitzgerald
Francisco Fletes
Nishan Khanal
Carlos Liriano
Kyle Mertens
Kian Moriarty
3.25.16_thompson_shields_pongsuea_reynardp_mejia_fitzgerald_leona_estrada_byambatsogt_gasteluma_khanal_balanza_aliev_khatigin_cepeda_curley_wangy_cong_fletes_liriano_mertens_byECPhotsavat Pongsuea
Robert Shields
Aaron Thompson
Jared Violette
Yinzhou Wang

Alfonso Leon
Jose Mejia

Fahad Aliev
Oscar Cortada
John Curley
Chinguun Khatigin

Jose Estrada