ACADEMIC BRIEFS: Shadow Day & Dissections


On January 12, the sixth grade class spent fourth period dissecting turkey wings in LTC Willis Kleinsorge’s science classroom.

Cadets donned protective goggles and aprons and wielded scalpels and scissors, separating the skin from the bones in order to view the muscles.

Kleinsorge also indicated a coloration change from pink tissue to white, from muscle to tendon. Cadets learned to identify bones, tendons, tissues, muscles, ball and socket joints and hinge joints.

“This is a muscle bundle,” Kleinsorge said. “That’s one muscle. Is that the bicep, tricep?”

IMG_0479_boydOn March 10, sixth graders again wielded scalpels and dissected animal tissues – this time the heart, esophagus and lungs of a cow.

Students began with the heart, identifying the cardiac muscle tissue, atrium and ventricle.

“See how small it is compared to the ventricle?” Kleinsorge said of the atrium. “The ventricle is huge.”

When examining the lungs, the class reflected on what effects smoking would have on the tissue.

“[The lung] becomes really hard and black,” Kleinsorge said. “It doesn’t allow the air to pass through there.”

The dissection lab ended with a discussion of the esophagus and vocal chords. As his classmates watched, Nathan Nolan blew into a bag attached to the esophagus and inflated the lungs.

3.10.16_camou_arredondo_byFosterMIDDLE SCHOOL SHADOW DAY

Eighth grade students got a taste of high school on March 10, as they shadowed freshmen and sophomores and attended upper-level classes.

Q: Why do you think shadow day is important?

To show what high school is going to be like. Zeth Colin ‘19

To help prepare middle school students for high school. Jordan Hornick ‘20

3.10.16_huckins_hamm1_byFosterQ: How was the day?

He was quiet in most of my classes. … He just looked on as we continued class as normal. Edward Cha ‘18

I learned about high school classes. Kevyn Bruce ’20

I thought it was really fun having my brother in class with me. He’s my brother and we get along pretty well. I taught him how to play some of the instruments in the band room. It was really fun having my brother learn with me. Jackson Ford ‘18

Q: Would you do it again?
Yes. It was fun. Alain Mestre ‘20
Yes. It was pretty unique. Richard Choy ‘19
Absolutely. Jackson Ford ‘18
Yes. I learned what my brother’s day was like. Ethan Ford ‘20