Maroon Bar, Soldiers’ Bar & Fencing Arch

3.2.16_fencing2_byECFencing Arch

On February 25, six cadets received the Fencing Arch via Special Order No. 41. Cadets were recognized for: participation in the classical French Fencing Club; continual practice, including attacks on the blade and basic parries; knowledge of distance and footwork; and displaying the gentlemanly behavior required of said sport.IMG_1066_BEST

Dongyang Chen ’20
David Garza ’16
Jack Mitchell ’19
Joseph Palen ’19
Yelin Zhou ’17
Zihan Zhu ’18

Maroon Bar

On March 3, twelve cadets received the Maroon Bar via Special Order No. 44, having displayed outstanding behavior for the month of February 2016.

IMG_5676_simmons_naughtonVictor Leon
Carlos Liriano
Ngonga Mugabo
Michael Naughton
Alexander Schaaf
Damdinbazar Sumiyabazar
Aaron Thompson
Gabriel Vallejo
Yinzhou Wang
liriano_thompsonHaijunhao Yu
Sizheng Zhang
Zenghui Zhang

Soldiers’ Bar

On March 3, having displayed outstanding military courtesy, bearing, neatness, attitude and performance of duty in the month of February 2016, eleven cadets were awarded the Soldiers’ Bar via Special Order No. 43.

Davaasuren Dashdavaa
Mitchell Duing
Jordan HornickIMG_0689_violette
Jose Mejia
Luis Merino
Temuulen Nerguibaatar
Nehemiah Simmons
Damdinbazar Sumiyabazar
Gabriel Vallego
Jared Violette
Jiaxuan Zhou