BOYDThe following are writing assignments from the notebook of student-journalist and sixth grader Quinten Boyd of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

Why do so many civilizations have so many similarities? I think so many civilizations have so many similarities because they all took the experiences of the people before them. It was like a ladder. We will take the tools the Sumerians used and we will use them. Let’s take the chariot and use that. Things started to get more high and advanced. The longer we live, the more things get advanced. That is just how the ladder works. This generation creates something, then another generation makes that same thing but with a few more gadgets or parts. Then another generation creates it a lot better than that generation. It is like a competition between all of these generations and cultures. And that is why I think so many civilizations have so many similarities.

How I Help Others: When I care about people, I help them and make them feel good. When my sister fell off a deck and broke her leg, I carried her all the way up the stairs. I almost dropped her because she was heavy and I pushed through it and I got her up the stairs. Once I saw a hurt bird on the ground and I helped it. I put in my room with food and cared for it gave it water. And I cared for my mom when she slipped on ice. I took care of her and made her food and cleaned the house and made dinner. I put my brother and sister to bed, did my homework then helped my siblings with their homework. I made a snack for them and I spent all the time I had with my mom. I was at the skate park and a kid pushed a kid off his bike, so I told the kid to stop. I tried to stop these kids from fighting.

Lessons I Have Learned: Being respectful is very important in life. How are you going to get a job if you don’t show respect? I listen to orders and I do what I am supposed to do. When I was four years old I stole bubble gum. I didn’t tell my mom but she figured it out. She asked me where I got it. I told her I got it from the store. She made me go say sorry and give it back. I already ate some so we had to buy the pack of bubble gum. Now I tell the truth and do not lie.