Band & Charlie win Halloween decoration contest

Charlie and Band companies defeated Delta, Bravo and Echo on October 31 as the Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets celebrated Halloween with parties and costume/decoration contests.

courtSeibert1Most attribute the Charlie/Band win to the haunted house constructed by Band Company seniors in the shared barracks basement.

“When Charlie and Band work together we are unstoppable,” freshman Thomas Kiefer said. “Plus we had a haunted house!”


12191275_10153100124300723_7478305389051828175_oRobert Moore ’16 said his favorite part of the Halloween holiday was “making the haunted house in the basement of Charlie.”

“It was a nice experience and a fun way to spend the last Halloween of my senior year,” Moore said.

We spent from 8:30 a.m. Saturday to around 5:30 p.m. setting up a haunted house in the TV room of Charlie and Band Company. Together cadets Robert Moore ’16, Ethan Eisenman ’16 and I gave up our sleep-in so that we could put up this haunted house and win the Halloween decoration contest for 2015-16. We seniors wanted our last Halloween Party to be a blast, and it was.

When you first entered the room you would go to the left and walk down the hallway. There you would meet a kid lying on the ground asking you to help him. He was covered in blood and there was a strobe light on him. As you would turn to the right to go to the next room, cadet Styles Fountain ’19 would run at you from the boiler room as a pig butcher with a bloody knife.

IMG_0542In the next room there would be a record player playing old music. I was also in that room trying to sell brains, hands, hearts and livers in jars. When no one wanted any I told them to get out and that “the doctor was ready for them.” The doctor in the next room was Eisenmann. He was splattering fake blood everywhere and telling cadet Joshua John ’17 to wake up and that he hadn’t given him permission to die yet. Moore was dressed up as an evil satanic bird and was casting spells over John’s dead body.

In the next room were a couple of clowns that I hastily hung up. Garrett Stafford ’17 stood in the corner and would wait until people had entered the room and then pop up behind them and scare them. BRENNAN MORAND ‘16


Each company voted for their favorite costume, choosing a company winner to compete for the overall title. Overall costume contest winner Cesar Perera ’18 received an $100 Amazon gift card. First place winners from each company earned $50 gift cards; second place finishers received $30 gift cards and third place winners received $20 gift cards.

12182421_10153100124315723_7391806469453418913_oBRAVO COMPANY
1. Miguel Gonzalez (Gangster) — 
2. Juan Pablo Garza (Bacon)
3. Kevyn Bruce (Power Ranger)

1. Thomas Keifer (Jesus) — 2.  Connor Cunningham (Wilfred the Dog) — 3.  Robert Moore (Death)

1. Styles Fountain (Pig Killer) — 2. Oscar Garcia (Ladies Man)
3. Clayton Ebert (Luigi)

1. Ceaser Perera (Captain Underpants)
2. Edward Cha (Gangster) — 3. Quinten Boyd (Assassin)

1. Alejandro Tovar (Muscle Man) — 2. Jeremy Elkins (Gorilla) — 3. Eric Juarez (Pilsbury Dough Boy)

12189438_10153100124305723_5158195197949545261_oCADET Q&A: WHY IS HALLOWEEN YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY?

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I enjoy it so much because one: I get free candy, and two: it allows people to be free and express themselves and just have a lot of fun. BRENNAN MORAND ‘16

My favorite holiday is Halloween because you get dress up as either scary or funny things and go to parties. THOMAS KIEFER ‘19

courtSeibert3Halloween I think is one of my favorite holidays because everyone gets to dress up and get candy for free on this night of the year. It is great to see everyone running around. ALEXANDER SEIBERT ‘18

Because you get to express yourself by using a costume. JESUS PERALES ‘20

Because it is one week after my birthday. JOSEPH PALEN ‘19

Even as an adult, I love the idea of dressing up and becoming someone else – even if it’s just for one night. I also have great memories from my childhood of my mother helping me decide which character I was to be. I now take that one step further and look for characters that I know I can fit into. Whether I buy my costume or come up with it on my own, does not really matter. It is the character and how you embody it that night that becomes special. The most fun that I have is watching the faces of the children I know as they trick or treat. Seeing the excitement as each door is opened and a person brings out candy for them is so much fun. Watching a child get dressed up to head out, as they realize that they are going to get candy and see some really cool homes, can bring the simplest of joys. This holiday, really, is for them. Having them switch their mind three, four or five times about what costume they want to wear; hearing them talk about all the candy they are going to get, how cool that house on the block was last year and what they think they might see this year brings a lightness to the heart. RENE PADILLA ’16


Bravo28I was Zach Randolph from the Memphis Grizzlies. I choose it because he is my favorite player. JOSHUA CAMPBELL ’17

This Halloween I dressed up as a Cholo because I had to improvise a last minute costume. JESUS PERALES ‘20

I was Wilfred, a dog from a show on Netflix. … I am a hardcore fan of the show. CONNOR CUNNINGHAM ’16

Bravo14I was a headless man, and I picked it because I wanted something scary! SKY THUNDERCHILD HENIO ’19

My Halloween costume was a zombie skeleton. I chose it because it looked realistic and really cool. JOSEPH PALEN ‘19


Charlie, because they had a nice haunted house. JOSHUA CAMPBELL ’17

Charlie constructed a haunted house in their rec room complete with a working cast of cadets who played different characters. They did a fantastic job and I really enjoyed attending the haunted house. THOMAS DEAN ’16

IMG_5365Echo. We worked really hard on the decorations. We used more than 75% of our free time decorating.

Echo, because they had the best decorations in my opinion. MICHAEL NAUGHTON ‘20

Delta, because it took them only seven people to put this together. They have been planning for weeks. JAKOB UNION ’20


Skittles. JOSEPH PALEN ‘19
My favorite type of candy is sour candy. JESUS PERALES ‘20
KitKat is my favorite candy. JACOB CONYERS ’16
Sour stuff. ROBERT ABBOTT ’21
My favorite type of candy is chewy Jolly Ranchers. JAKOB UNION ’20
My favorite candy is Reeses. SKY THUNDERCHILD HENIO ’19
My favorite type of candy is Twix. PHOTSAVAT PONGSUEA ’17
I like milk duds, and I like Twix. RAMON RODRIGUEZ ’17
My favorite types of candy are Twizzlers and Tootsie Rolls. THOMAS KIEFER ‘19


I like all scary movies because [they’re] fun to watch and [they] make you want to know what will happen next. PHOTSAVAT PONGSUEA ’17

I don’t like scary stuff that much. I usually do not watch any scary movies. SCOUT JONES ‘21

Scary Movie 2 because it is funny [and] kind of scary. JAKOB UNION ’20
I like Paranormal Activity. RAMON RODRIGUEZ ’17
I hate scary movies because I’m scared of everything! CHRISTIAN FOSTER ’19
The Conjuring. JACOB CONYERS ’16


67_MooreWDelta Company had a good party. We watched horror movies and scared each other and it was really fun. That Halloween night, I could not sleep because of the movie. I was thinking about that movie and it is really hard for me to sleep when I’m thinking about something really scary. TUGULDUR ALTANGEREL ’17

I am living in Echo Company and our theme was an insane asylum. We decorated the outside of the company with spider webs and creepy dolls on the ground. As you entered the company, more spider webs guided you down to the basement stairs. Strobe lights flashed on a creepy ghost that we hung in the hallway with fishing line to give the illusion that it was floating. Inside the rec room we had a party with great food and soda pong. Overall, Halloween was a great time. I enjoy it every year and will never forget the Halloween parties I attended at Missouri Military Academy. It boosts the spirts of all the cadets, new and old, and provides a time where we can relax from the stress that seems to build up higher than the clouds. This was my last Halloween at MMA and it will be missed. THOMAS DEAN ‘16