Opening Picnic — August 29, 2015

IMG_6429_eisenmann_shields_bestThe Corps of Cadets gathered on the back lawn August 29 for the annual Opening Picnic and some friendly company competition. Following a feast of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cookies, cadets formed up by company and the games began.

Band Company dominated in the first contest – a sack race relay in which cadets stepped into MMA laundry bags and hopped to the middle of the field as fast as they could. Upon returning to the starting line, boys quickly shed the bag and the next boy stepped in for his turn. Echo took second, Bravo came in third, Charlie placed fourth and Delta trailed in fifth.

Up next was a dizzy bat contest in which Band Company once again proved victorious. Cadets raced to the end of the field, turned several quick circles around a baseball bat and attempted to run back to the starting line. Many students fell in the grass in the process, too disoriented to see straight. Second place was Bravo, followed by Delta in third, Charlie in second and Echo in last place.

Piggy-back partners Alexander Sheldon ’22 and Rene Padilla ’16 of Charlie Company broke the band’s winning streak in the carpet squares contest. Each company crossed the lawn IMG_6383_lazcano_BruceK_BESTwhile balancing on only a handful of squares which were periodically shuffled from the front of the line to the back. Forbidden to touch the grass, most groups chose to have high schoolers like Padilla and middle schoolers like Sheldon cross the playing field together to save time. Echo’s Carlos Liriano ’18 carried Robert Downing Abbott ’21 and earned second place while Bravo’s David Lazcano ’16 carried Kevyn Bruce ’20 to take third place. Band trailed in fourth place and Delta closed out the companies in fifth place.

Lazcano led Bravo to first place in the cross country ski challenge, followed by Band in second, Echo in third, Delta in fourth and Charlie in fifth.

Band landed in last place in the tug-of-war contest despite the passionate efforts of sophomore Charles Norman. Delta took first, followed by Bravo in second, Echo in third and Charlie in the fourth spot.

Delta senior Dion Nguyen said the tug-of-war contest was his favorite “because we were undefeated.” Chase Johnson ’17 agreed.

“Delta Company won every tug of war [round],” Johnson said. “We won because we have the most big dudes so it was almost impossible for the other companies to move us.”

IMG_6897_normanBand took fourth in the final two contests — the singing of Old MMA and the chanting of the company motto — to win first overall with a score of 27. In second place with 24 points was Charlie, followed by Bravo with 21 points, Echo with a score of 20 and Delta with 17 points.


Watching all my [friends] work together as a team to overcome every obstacle that came our way as Delta brothers! JONATHAN FRITH ’16

IMG_6037[Being] able to talk with other companies. You don’t really get a chance to talk with them that much in just a normal day.

The games we [played.] They were fun and we all participated in them. JORGE SERVIN GALINDO ’18

The games because they we’re really fun and we had a great time. I also liked the food and the opportunity to meet people from different companies. ANGEL ALCARAZ MUNUZURI ’19

I could talk to the other companies and eat food.

Singing Old MMA, because it brought back memories.

The tug-of-war because I led my company In it and we were undefeated.