IN CLASS: AP English, Simon Barrera ’15

HolySmokes_BarreraThe following is an excerpt from a creative writing assignment entitled “Capturing Memories” by senior Simon Alexis Barrera. AP English students were asked to write an essay about an object with significant meaning to them.

“One, two, three, smile,” Simon, my owner, instructs everyone around us. He turns me from left to right, trying to capture the moment. It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Lake Casa Blanca. The skies are clear. The sun is as bright as the smiles, and happiness is all around us. Simon is here at yet another annual Barrera family reunion. As he walks around, he makes my lens focus on what is important. He develops the negatives, captures the good times. And, if anything goes wrong, he deletes the shot and takes another.

I do the same thing almost every day of my life. To be honest, being a camera is fascinating. I enjoy creating memories. Taking pictures is what I was created for. It has both its positives and its negatives. I get to see a lot and hear everything around me. There are hidden secrets behind every shot. An instant in time is not always what it seems to be.

The photos I take do not need words, because they speak for themselves. By capturing that emotional moment, I record a living memory in a photograph. I am made of metal and plastic. I am an object, but no matter what I am made of, I am alive. I am a necessity. Without me, how would the world tell a story to the future? Without photographic memory, how can one express their life to their great-grandchildren?

Excuse my bad manners. Let me introduce myself. My name is Nikon; well, at least that’s what my owner calls me. It’s been five years since Simon bought me from Best Buy. He brought me to life. He’s never let me leave his side since then. He is caring. He is responsible. He is a great student, son and friend.

My owner is a big fan of photography. He learns techniques from photographers like Arturo Hernandez and Rob Dawe. As he practices photography, it gives him the opportunity to hold on to those unforgettable moments that are impossible to recreate. His life is very much like mine. He focuses on what is important, captures the good times, develops from the negatives. If things don’t turn out as he has planned them, he gives himself the opportunity to take another shot.