Kevin Farley hired as new Director of College Placement and Counseling, Head Soccer Coach

image of kevin farley

Missouri Military Academy is pleased to announce that MAJ Kevin Farley has been named the Director of College Placement and Counseling. MAJ Farley, who has nearly fifteen years’ experience as a college soccer coach, will also take the helm of the Fighting Colonels soccer team in the fall.

MAJ Farley comes to Missouri Military Academy from Wentworth Military Academy and College in Lexington, Mo., where he previously served as the Director of Public Relations and Head Soccer Coach. He began work on July 1.

“MAJ Farley brings many years of experience working in the field of higher education, building relationships with other schools and working with students to help them reach their goals,” says Dr. Frank Giuseffi, MMA Dean of Academics. “I feel confident that he will bring a great deal of professionalism and energy to this very important position.”

As head soccer coach at Wentworth, MAJ Farley successfully developed the first-ever college soccer team at the school, guiding several players to soccer scholarships and NCAA athletic programs. He developed relationships with colleges and universities across the country. He also led the 2012 team to earn the highest GPA (3.31) in the nation for a 2-year soccer team.

From 1992 to 1997, MAJ Farley served in the United States Navy as a sonar technician, earning the rank of 2nd Class Petty Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Si Tanka University and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Dakota Wesleyan University.

Q&A with New Director of College Placement MAJ Kevin Farley

Q: What is your philosophy as a coach?

A: My philosophy, I have had it for probably the last 13 years, is be better today than you were yesterday, be better tomorrow than you are today. We all make mistakes – that is what makes us all successful. That is what I ask of my players, not only on the field but in their lives. It’s kind of how I live my life.

Q: What are your plans as a college placement director?

A: We have a good program here, which I’d like to build upon. I’d like to make the College Placement office a resource for students and families, so they know what is happening in higher education and college placement. For example, one of the first things that I would like to do is to develop a digital newsroom about college placement on the school’s website. It will basically be a one-stop shop where people can come in and read stories about what is happening in college placement. College is obviously one of the biggest decisions in life, and educating parents and students about the college selection process and higher education in general will help inform the right choice.

Q: What do sports teach kids?

A: Everything from leadership to commitment to loyalty. … One of the first things you learn as an athlete is to overcome adversity. As an athlete, nothing ever goes perfect, whether it is making the team, playing the position that you want, winning the number of games that you want, etc. … One of the first things I will do with our team is on the back of our jerseys above all the numbers will be the word “honor.” It is a very important word in my life and obviously here at a military academy such as MMA. … The character that you learn from being an athlete is huge. … At a school like ours it is important for every kid to be a part of sports. It is a great tool to teach that character.

Q: What would you do over if you could return to high school?

A: I would spend a lot more time focusing on my grades. I was a smart student but it really wasn’t a priority. I wish I would have known a lot more about the college opportunities that were out there.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I spend a lot of time with my dog Baxter. … I live by the lake, so I will take him on walks and enjoy time with him. I read a lot. I listen to music. I love to run. I love to play golf. I am not very good at it but I enjoy it. … In 1997 was the last time I ever had a television set in my house. When people come over they start looking around a little bit, they ask, “Where’s your TV?” I find myself being a little more productive without distraction.

Q: Why do you support the military school model?

A: The military changed my life. It made a huge difference in who I am as a person. It transformed me from being a boy to being a man. It transformed me from being irresponsible to responsible. … It’s structure and discipline and all that, but what it does is teach you how to take care of your responsibilities so that you can have fun. … Some of the most fun days of my life were when I was in the military. It teaches you to take care of what you need to take care of so you can have fun.