A Cadet’s Perspective: First-year student Rodrigo Blanco ’18

New Boys and Old Boys returned for classes on January 7. Many are new to the boarding school life and may suffer from homesickness. Here is some advice from first-year cadet Rodrigo Blanco ‘18. (Interview by student-journalist Francisco Fletes ’18.)

Q: Why did you decide to come to Missouri Military Academy?
A: Because I felt it was a very good opportunity to practice and study outside of Mexico.

Q: Who told you about the Academy?
A: My brother because he attended here. He told [me] very good things and spoke highly about the school.

Q: Were you nervous on your first day?
A: Yes, because I was entering a totally new phase where I was now independent and was very far away from family and home. … When I was in the car and I saw the school I thought uh-oh, there’s no going back now!

Q: Who were the first people you met?
A: Cadets Carlos Nieves ’14, Miguel “Mike” Gonzalez ’16 and Mohammad “Emran” Babak ’16 at the ESL camp.

Q: Did you enjoy ESL camp?
A: We had fun because they took [trips to] Six Flags twice and we went to the mall.

Q: Did you adapt easily in classes and in the barracks?
A: I had some problems adapting because of homesickness. … [MMA is] a really good school but it still has some times when I really want to take a timeout from all the military stuff and go home.

Q: What advice would you give to people who also have homesickness?
A: To be strong because everything gets better.

Q: What is your best MMA memory so far?
A: Going back and seeing all my family and friends proud of me.