A Cadet’s Perspective: Middle School Football

HENIOJOHNSONStudent-athletes Charles Norman ’18, Sky Henio ’19 and Zaide Johnson ’19 played on the Mexico Middle School Bulldogs football team this past season. Here are their thoughts about football.

Henio: I enjoyed it ‘cause I got to go and practice with other people and learn how to play with everyone else. You get together and get to tackle and run the ball and get a point. We all came together to make a team and just play. We won one game. After that we were so happy. The most memorable moment for me was when I got my first quarterback takedown. What motivates me the most is all my friends telling me I can do it.

Norman: The Bulldogs did outstanding this year. The most memorable moment, would be our whole line supporting our quarterback complete a kick return. I enjoy football because I get to work with my teammates and hit people hard. Football is better than other sports because it is very tough. It is a whole team effort sport. And it is full-contact. My motivation is my family, past champions and knowing that I will do my best to show my team that I am very talented.

Johnson: The Bulldogs performed great this season. The most memorable moment of my football season is when I know that I will drive my opponent down the field. I enjoy football because I love how I’m able to not only play well but am able to have fun at the same time. What motivates me to play sports is that I know it is good for my body to get the exercise. [Football] is better than other sports because it motivates you to do the best of your ability.