A Cadet’s Perspective: Q&A with varsity soccer forward Victor Marroquin Gonzalez ’15

Marroquin VThe MMA soccer team traveled to Westphalia on September 24 to battle the Fatima Comets. The Fighting Colonels lost a hard-fought battle 6-5 in (2OT) but remained positive. Here’s a Q&A with varsity soccer forward Victor Marroquin Gonzalez ’15 by student journalist Francisco Fletes ’18.

Q: What were your thoughts before the game? A: That last year’s scores would not affect our performance during the game, since we won against them last year.

Q: How did you feel during the game? A: I felt really tired because we had 6 games between last week and the game.

Q: What was your opinion on the first half and the differences from the second? A: On the first half we were not passing the ball to our wings. During the second half we had more ball control and possession.

Q: What did think were your strong and weak points during the game? A: My strong points were shots on goal and passing to the wings. My weak point was slowing the tempo down.

Q: What did you think was the reason you lost? A: Not everyone … was giving their 100 percent during the game.

Q: Who would you highlight as one of the best players that game? A: In my opinion, Jesus Gracia ‘16, since he did what he was supposed to do, and he gave his 100 percent as well – which helped him score his three goals.

Q: What was other factors affected the score? A: We were almost dead when the second overtime hit so we were really just trying to end it as quick as we could. … We ended up losing but we will bounce back next time.

Q: What did you think about the other team? A: They were not as good as us but they were giving their 100 percent and that helped them and made them look a lot better.

Q: What are the things the team plans on working on after this loss? A: Ball possession, accuracy and communication.

Q: Any final thoughts? A: Since we have almost a week till our next game, I think we have enough time to practice our weaknesses in order to make them our stronger points.