Missouri Military Academy Introduces Commemorative Crest for 125th Anniversary

New MMA CrestAn enhanced version of the traditional Missouri Military Academy crest has been developed to celebrate MMA’s 125th anniversary. The Academy will officially celebrate the milestone in 2014.

Original elements including the Missouri state seal, the Academy motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” and the Lamp of Knowledge have been enriched with additional, accurate detail. The fasce (a symbol of strength through unity) and the eagle appear more realistic and dignified.

The eagle, reminiscent of the one worn in the early days of the Academy, now holds a banner in its beak which reads “125 years, 1889 to 2014” and has spread its wings wide to welcome another era of progress.

The crest is an enhancement of the traditional crest, which has been modified slightly throughout the years. The version utilized prior to the 125-year design is displayed at bottom right.

“To celebrate this incredible milestone, we have prepared a 125th anniversary crest which embraces our distinguished past and celebrates our bright future,” MMA President Charles McGeorge said. “The anniversary crest has been significantly enhanced with rich artistic detail and a version of the U.S. Army eagle worn by our cadets at the time of our founding.”

This isn’t the first time MMA has introduced a special crest to celebrate a milestone. In 1989, the Academy released a centennial logo (shown below, left) to commemorate the Academy’s 100th birthday.

MMA will design and sell special commemorative items for purchase by alumni, cadets and families featuring the new crest. A full schedule of 125-year observances will be announced in the coming year.


Missouri Military Academy 100 Year Anniversary Crest

The centennial crest was introduced in 1989 and was displayed on uniform patches and medals.


The crest prior to its enhancement by a professional artist.