2013 Superior Cadet Award

MMA 2013 Superior Cadet Award

MMA 2013 Superior Cadet Award Presentation During Spring Family Weekend
Photo credit: Coetta Brashear

Cadets with the highest standing in military and academic aspects are awarded the Superior Cadet Award. One cadet from each Leadership Excellence Training, (LET) level was presented with this prestigious award.

The following cadets were awarded the medal for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Richard Massey- Scott LET 4; Jacob Preister LET 3; Roel Rodriguez LET 2; Paolo Rosado LET 1.  This award was presented to them during the Spring Family Weekend at Missouri Military Academy on April 21, 2013 by Missouri Military Academy President Charles A. McGeorge.

By: Kurtis Mennemeier and Ethan Rachell

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  1. MAJ Paul Petit

    Simple to Say…. !!! Simply the ” THE BEST ” …. ….. VERY HARD TO ACCOMPLISH IT …. This is the reward for your hard and dedicate hard work…. Nothing at MMA is Free …. It is time to continue working harder that ever ….. !!!!

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