MMA Seniors Raising Dollars and Awareness for Wounded Vets

On May 4-5, 42 Missouri Military Academy seniors and 10 adult chaperones will march to benefit a foundation that raises funds for critically wounded soldiers. The theme of the hike is “We March For Those Who Can’t.”

Executive Officer Lt. Col. Jim Medley announced last week that this year’s Senior Bivouac (Senior Hike) will be completed in honor of severely wounded veterans. The participants will hike 7 kilometers while wearing t-shirts purchased from Nine Line, a charity that sells t-shirts and apparel to raise funds to assist severely wounded veterans after they return from service.

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On May 9 (the date was chosen to represent the Nine Line Foundation) MMA faculty, staff, and cadets will wear the Nine Line Foundation t-shirts on campus.

The group, composed by members of the class of 2013 and several of their adult advisors, will hike the Cedar Creek Trail area of the Mark Twain National Forest. The trip is a final bonding experience for the 42 boys who will graduate from MMA in May and head off to colleges and universities in several countries. To date, this group has earned more than $2 million in college scholarships.Nineline Foundation logo

Nine Line Foundation is an organization that works to raise awareness of the harsh circumstances our severely injured service members face once their life threatening injuries are stabilized, and provide help on an individual basis. This includes providing lodging and transportation for loved ones to provide support during yearlong rehabilitations, raising money for tuition to send the children of soldiers to college, and retrofitting their homes to become handicap accessible.

In the military, the term Nine Line represents a request for help. These nine separate lines transmitted over a radio are often the difference between life and death, requesting the immediate evacuation of wounded soldiers from the battle field. The Nine Line Foundation’s mantra is “No Mission Denied.”

For more information about the Nine Line Foundation, visit the nonprofit’s website at

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  1. MAJ Paul Petit

    Way to Go…. !! this is the kind of thing is what makes MMA and its soul the Corp of Cadets stand far beyond any other school or place…. I feel honor of receiving this news…. even when to required or asked for …. my contribution to the Seniors is on its way… !!!! OUTSTANDING JOB.. !!! Hooah..!!

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