Where are they now? Anthony Wurl ’09

Terry Logue ’72, Eagle contributor

Anthony Wurl has been busy since his graduation from Missouri Military Academy in 2009.

Wurl will graduate from Purdue University in May of 2013 with a degree in Nuclear Engineering. And, he will be debt free. He has worked full-time in the fast-food industry and then the second shift at the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana, while taking a full class load. Since paying off his school debts, he started the energy club at Purdue last spring, the Purdue Energy Forum.  On Friday, September 14, Wurl will introduce U.S. Senator Richard Lugar as the keynote speaker at the 4th annual Collegiate Energy Summit on the Purdue University campus.

For Wurl, the MMA experience helped make this all possible. “It takes quite a lot of heart to push through the stress and challenges associated with maximizing your capabilities to earn that degree others would have easily abandoned,” said Wurl. “But, at MMA I was taught to set the bar high, to reach out beyond my own abilities, and make something of myself. During my time at MMA, competition drove us to breaking point and we often risked everything to achieve the most minuscule amounts of recognition. When others in college are exposed to the temptations of immoral actions and self-indulgence, I have been able to stay vigilant, focused and press on. That attitude is what has carried me through. MMA made me tough.”

Although he has lived frugally in college, Wurl credits MMA with providing him a high level of independence and memories which he utilizes in his life. “My bed sheets are still those from my room at MMA. I can live by my own means, taking only what I need now”, remarked Wurl. ”I have a solid work ethic from MMA and I could not be more thankful. There are also those memories that I will always have of friends and brotherhood. What we gained from that school is more than anyone could ever ask for.”

To read more about what Wurl has been doing during his college tenure, click the links below:

Purdue Energy Forum: http://www.purdueenergyforum.org

Senator Lugar story: http://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/releases/2012/Q3/u.s.-sen.-lugar-to-headline-collegiate-energy-summit-at-purdue.html

Anthony Wurl was Delta Company Commander, varsity football and track captain, and a Dramateer during his time at MMA.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anthony Wurl was one of the best cadets I had the pleasure of knowing while serving as Commandant. He was always willing to take on the hard stuff of being a leader. Congrats to him on his success!
    Jim Medley

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